Weekend Recap: Date, Zumba, Shooting

This was an eclectic weekend full of lots of interesting things.

For starters, we had our first 5k training run!  Mom, Tyler and I ran together…and we all did great!

After our run, Tyler and I went to do a little furniture shopping and had dinner at R. Landry’s (cajun food).  I know that the console love seat was unpopular on the blog (and I don’t love it AT ALL) but after sitting in this one, I might be sold.  OMG. It’s the most comfortable couch/chair I’ve ever sat in. We didn’t buy it….but probably will.  It’s bulky and ugly, but whatever.  My house isn’t a showroom, it’s for using.  And watching Bravo marathons just got better with this comfortable loveseat.

Saturday, mom and I did some shopping and went to my friend Brandy’s Zumba class.  She was my student, then became one of my best friends…and is an instructor now.  SO fun to take her class.  When I’m in town, I’ll definitely be there.  (If you’re local…the class is Saturdays at 11 at the Eagles club behind Pier 1.  It’s just $5. and there is PLENTY of space for your kids to sit and use their iPads while you dance).

It was great because there were lots of friends there.  This is a (blurry) pic of me, Brandy, Sheila, Brianne, and Mary.  All of us (except Brandy) had lunch afterwards.

Sunday after church, Tyler was doing an indoor bow shoot.  It lasted longer than they expected, so I was there most of the day.  But he had a great time.  They had 5 animals that would pop up for you to shoot.  Then they would score your shots.  He qualified for the main event, but lost in his first pairing. 


They also had a silent auction and Ty got some GREAT deals on outdoor stuff (a deer feeder, wildlife camera, and a new bow signed by the Duck Dynasty crew!). 
We also won ALL this stuff in door prizes.  It’s LOTS of fishing stuff, a target stand, a wildlife cutting board, a tailgate grill, and other fun stuff.
After the bow shoot, he repaid me for sitting there all day by taking me to Mexican.  The boy knows the way to my heart: chips, salsa, and queso. 🙂

I went to bed pretty early last night to recover from Daylight Savings Time and a long weekend. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. Action packed! We had Mexican too!!

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