Weekend Recap: Day at Home and Grandpa’s Farm

Our weekend wasn’t too special, but it was one I want to recap.
Friday evening we had a great dinner out at Red Lobster.  We had a giftcard to use, so it was nice to eat a bit more “expensive” (crab legs anyone?) than we normally would.  While we waited on our dinner, we sat by the MOST PRECIOUS little girl.  She was talking to us and telling us all about her life, her kitty, her dance class (and showing us videos on her mom’s iphone).  She was so sweet.  She was only 3-4…and it was fun to get a little taste of “toddler fever.”  I doubt I’ll ever really have baby fever because they scare me so bad…but I love me some toddlers and that little girl almost made me want one of my own! 🙂
Saturday, Tyler got up early to go on a trail ride with some friends.  I could have gone, but it would have meant riding several hours on the 4 wheeler and I’m not comfortable doing that….so I stayed home.  I did some things around the house and then did some Sam’s shopping.  Saturday evening, Tyler and I just stayed home and watched some DVR’d shows on TV.  We went to bed early because Tyler was so tired from riding 30+ miles of riding trails up a mountain on a dirt bike.
Sunday, we slept in (because poor Tyler was walking like a zombie from being so sore!).  I made breakfast pizza (but low fat with turkey sausage, egg beaters and low fat crescents).  
We were settling in on the couch for some Netflix and Tyler’s mom called.  She was headed to Grandpa’s in Oklahoma (About 40 minutes from our house…and she has to pass our road to get there) and was just checking in on us.  Well, Tyler decided he wanted to go too….so I put on clothes and we headed out with Nancy.
We got to Grandpa’s and played around a bit.  We watched his cousin Heather on her new horse, they rode 4 wheelers around the yard, jumped on the trampoline and we watched both football games sprawled out on the couches and the floor. 
We also ate a great lunch cooked by Ty’s uncle, Dwight.  And then we had leftovers for dinner!
We didn’t get home until 10:30 last night and we pretty much crashed.  
But it was a great weekend, even if nothing major happened.  Fun with the family…that’s all we need.


  1. I love family weekends! Where do you get your low fat crescents?? What brand?? I’ve got to try them!

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