Weekend Recap: Dirty Dog and Concerts

I started my weekend off right after work at the lake.  I had my bag packed and literally drove straight to the lake.  I got some sun and reading time before Tyler got off work at 6.
When Ty showed up, he brought Mikey.  Mikey made friends with this bigger dog.  This is him in rare form because usually he is so Alpha Dog he doesn’t make friends.
I had a cooler packed with hot dogs and we grilled out.  Tyler requested cheese hot dogs, so he was happy that I made them for him!  I am the family grill master. 
Mikey got into some BBQ ashes.  He was one dirty dog!  He immediately got a bath in the lake!
Saturday, we attended a funeral for Tyler’s dad’s dad.  He wasn’t close to his grandpa, but it was still sad.  His grandpa had struggled with stomach cancer and honestly, most everyone there was relieved that Howie wasn’t in pain anymore.  It was just sad for Tyler’s dad to lose his dad so close to Father’s Day.
Saturday after the funeral, I did some shopping around town.  Then I came home to tackle laundry and cleaning.  What a fun Saturday night, huh?  Well, I got a lot done and it was surprisingly pretty relaxing to just chill at home.  Tyler was out racing RC cars, so it was just me and Mikey.  And the pile of laundry. 
Sunday, we went to church, got some lunch and came home to rest for a bit.  At 3, we headed to Fayetteville.  Tyler let me shop a bit at Old Navy (theirs is always so much better stocked than ours) and Forever 21.  I got some cute stuff!  Then we got our favorite fried sushi rolls at Kobe.
Fuji roll and Razorback roll.  The Fuji has tempura shrimp, cream cheese, crab and tuna on top…and the Firecracker is my favorite.  A fried sushi roll of spicy crab, jalepeno, tempura shrimp, and cream cheese that is all deep fried.  NOT healthy, but totally worth it!
After our yummy dinner, we headed to the AMP for a concert!  The weather was BEAUTIFUL for an outdoor concert.  We had lawn seats and sat with my coworker Becky and her husband.  So much fun!
 Andy Grammar opened.  He even came out and serenaded us on the lawn.  He was really entertaining. 
Colbie Caillet came on next.  We saw her right when she hit it big several years ago…and her stage presence has improved so much!  She was really fun to watch.  She sounds amazing live.
 And the concert finished with Gavin DeGraw.  He was wonderful.  Sounded great! I am so glad we went to the concert!
We got home really late last night (midnight…when I’m normally asleep by 10:30)…and we crashed.  I get up at 5 a.m.  Well, Mikey got sick last night on our bed and the floor….so at 3:30 Tyler and I were up cleaning up doggy puke.  Gross.  So I’m feeling tired. But the weekend was worth it and I can nap after work.
Who is your favorite performer to see live?  I LOVE my Hanson boys, but Gavin DeGraw sure did put the groove on it last night!


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! Glad you got some sun-that was my one and only goal this weekend! 🙂

  2. We are going to see Coldplay this weekend and I can’t wait! A few of our friends went to the Colbie Caillet/Gavin DeGraw concert. Glad you guys had a good weekend! And girl, I am going to send you the OBU print TODAY! I have been out of town since Thursday so I’m playing catch-up!

  3. The concert was so fun! We’ve been Gavin fans for about 6 years. I’d never really paid much attention to Andy Grammer before, but I’m definitely a fan now. He was very entertaining! Mike accused me of having a crush on him now. Ha! He calls him Andy Graham Cracker.

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