Weekend Recap: Dixie Chicks and Bunco

Weekend Recap: Dixie Chicks and Bunco

This was a busy busy weekend. Mostly, everyone was worried I would go into labor while I was 3 hours away in Little Rock! ha!  But Remi is still cooking…so no worries there.

On Friday, we were thrown for a bit of a loop when dad had to be transferred to the hospital for a short term stay. Alzheimer’s is tough, ya’ll.  It made for a stressful day, and I had to rearrange my plans. Mom was going to go to Little Rock with me, but stayed behind for dad.

So Tyler’s cousin Kelsey met me after work and we headed to Little Rock.

We had a great drive just talking and we stopped toe at at Stoby’s (yay cheese dip!).

We met up with Haley and Alden at Verizon Arena where we were all seeing the Dixie Chicks!

The concert was good, but not great. Wah wah. I should have known, but they were super political with the videos behind them. It felt too much like a political rally and not as much of a concert. And they didn’t play all our old faves. I’m glad I went, but it wasn’t AMAZING.

Saturday, I was really wanting to go to the Megaphone Conference (formerly AR Women Bloggers conference), however, I stayed here to go see dad during visiting hours with mom.

When we left her house, we spotted two deer! Not sure if you can see them….but they are there!

Saturday evening, mom hosted her bunco girls. They needed a sub, so I stepped in. It was so fun! It was a pajama party theme, so we were all comfy in our PJS eating breakfast. LOVED it. And I won for losing the most rounds and won $5! ha!

Tyler worked a long day on Saturday, so Sunday after work he was TIRED.  He came home and snuggled up in bed with me and Pippin. GOSH that dog is SO snuggly and sweet.

I did a little housework Sunday evening and then celebrated when Miss Arkansas WON MISS AMERICA!  Yay Savvy!

So that was our weekend! How was yours?

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