Weekend Recap: Easter!

We had a GREAT weekend!
Friday we just had dinner at home and relaxed.
Saturday I ran a couple errands (Farmer’s Market, took Mikey to the vet for yearly shots, lunch with Tyler) then I came home and took a glorious nap.  Yes, I chose napping over housework. Yes my house is a mess.  But I am well-rested. 🙂
We left Saturday afternoon/evening for Hot Springs.  We got there and ate dinner with my family and all hung out.  
Sunday, the whole family headed to church!  It was so great to praise our risen Savior all together.  
Except Dad stayed home because he wanted to get a head start on the BBQ.  And boy did he!  We had a BBQ feast for lunch after church!  Hot dogs, burgers, lamb chops, ribs, and all the fixins!  It was yummy (and I ate with restraint!  I was proud of my good choices!). 
We had a little egg hunt in the front yard for the kiddos!  Too fun!  
We hid one egg in a special place and called it the prize egg!  Caitlyn found it!  (We hid in INSIDE a decorative frog on the porch!  It was soooo hard to see!)  
After, we always do an egg toss.  But this year, it just turned into an egg throw to see how many eggs we could bust. ha!  It was fun!
We went out to the RC track in Hot Springs where Tyler got to practice on that track.  It is a much more difficult track than we have here, so he had fun.  It was funny to watch Dad chase after the car everytime it flipped over.  He may be pushing 80, but he was a little kid running after that remote control car! 
After eating some leftover BBQ for dinner, we headed home and crashed!  
What a great weekend!  
I am so thankful for the sacrifice we celebrated this weekend.  I don’t know where I would be without the love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus.  Our pastor spoke about knowing the real truth. The truth that Jesus died because it was the only way to atone for our sins.  It was the only way we could ever enjoy the gift of heaven- through Jesus’ sacrifice.  If you don’t know about that, I would love to talk with you.  Accepting the gift of life that Jesus gave me was the best thing that ever happened to me!  I am so glad we serve a living God!  We sang at church “Life is worth the living, just because He lives!”  Amen! 

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