Weekend Recap: Family Fun from the iPhone

My weekend was full of family fun!  My mom brought my cousins to town for a visit. Friday evening we had pizza and then came home and watched a movie.  I also gave my cousin Caitlyn her FIRST face mask!  A passage into womanhood for sure!
Saturday, we ran around town doing a little shopping.  At one point, Luke and Caitlyn didn’t want to go shopping, so I sat in the car with them while mom and Gavin ran into Kohl’s.  We happily played with Iron Man in the car!

I had to break away from the fam for a little bit to teach a special Zumba class!  Me and my friend Cece taught a “Resolution Kick Off Party” at a studio downtown.  I taught 45 minutes of Zumba Toning, and Cece did an hour of Zumba Sentao (with the chair!).  SO MUCH FUN.

And let me tell you, Zumba Sentao is a WORKOUT.  Lunges behind the chair, leg lifts, steps and squats…even push ups on the chair!  LOVED it!

Saturday evening, we all went to Golden Corral for dinner….that way everyone could have what they wanted.  Luke really enjoyed the cotton candy! ha!
Then we went to Creekmore to look at Christmas lights.  It was a bit cold, but we had to ride the Christmas train!  Too fun!

Sunday, Gavin woke up with a migraine, so they headed home.  We went to church (and I sang)…then we did lunch and came home and napped and cleaned.  I took down all the Christmas decor.  Sunday evening, I met my sweet friend Haley and we saw Les Mis.  Her tweet sums it up…. 
It was a GREAT weekend.  Happy New Year!

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