Weekend Recap: Family Fun

Weekend Recap: Family Fun

This weekend, my family was in town again.  We rested up Friday night so we could spend all day Saturday playing together.  Friday, Tyler and I just ran errands (returning a trailer to a friend, picking up his car from the shop, etc.).
Saturday, we were up and headed to Tulsa.  My cousin Caitlyn rode to Tulsa with us, and we played car games on the way there.  Too fun.
We got to Incredible Pizza and spent 5 hours there having fun!  It was a little pricey (just under $30 per person) but we got all you can eat pizza/drinks, $10 in game cards, 4 “activities” (pick from Laser Tag, go karts, bumper cars, putt putt, and a motion simulator), and 15 minutes of jumping at the trampoline park.
So, we spent 5 hours eating, playing and having a great time.  

After we finished, the family headed home…but Tyler indulged me by letting me drag him around Tulsa shopping.  I went to Posh Style boutique- and it was AWESOME.  They offered Tyler a cold beer and a seat by the TV when we walked in (and he mentioned his back hurting, and then they brought him water and Tylenol!!).  The whole store was 30% off on Saturday…so I got some great deals.
And then we went to Anthropologie.  I love their stuff.  Tyler loves that they have a comfy couch.  I shopped the sale room because they were having their annual tag sale (20% off sale items!), and then I picked out one full price shirt.  Well, the girl at checkout had me sign up for their loyalty program…and she went ahead and gave me my birthday discount on the full price item, even though my birthday was in June!  Score!  So I got EVERYTHING on sale when we shopped.
We had dinner at our favorite- Los Cabos.  Tyler loves the ribs, and I love everything there. 
Sunday, I sang at church, we had lunch, I went to Walmart, and we took a nap/watching the World Cup final game.  Later that evening, when Tyler was mowing, he called me and whispered into the phone “Come outside fast.  There is a baby bunny.”
Y’all.  I’m obsessed with bunnies.  I want one SO bad (but Mikey would eat it for lunch).  But this baby bunny was like 4 inches long.  So tiny!  And precious.  And I whispered to it “Can I keep you?!” (bonus points if you know what 90s movie that’s from!!!)

We had a great weekend.  Lots of fun, a little rest, and some great deals!
How was your weekend?


  1. Casper. BAM

  2. Awwww…baby bunny!!!! So cute! (Not so cute when it starts eating your seeds, though) I think Matt would LOVE for me to shop somewhere where they give you beer and a couch…that’s awesome!!

  3. Y’all are always doing something fun. Seriously, your weekends always make me jealous. My husband is such a homebody when he isn’t at work. It’s so good that y’all are able to keep that fun in your relationship because it is so very important.

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