Weekend Recap: Family in iPhone Pics

Weekend Recap: Family in iPhone Pics

We had a reallllly low key weekend- which was fabulous.  I honestly had a little anxiety over the lack of plans. I’m just not used to it.  But it was good.
Friday evening, we hit up the local BBQ joint in our tiny town, and it was GREAT! Then we came home and watched a couple movies (The Expendables 2…which wasn’t my movie.  I did some online shopping instead.  And Mud.  It started off good…but I got comfy in my chair and fell asleep).
Saturday, I got up early to go workout before my massage at 11.  But on the way to the gym, the massuese called to cancel because she had a migraine.  But I did my workout anyway (triathlon training! woop!).
After the gym, I hit up a local boutique, Jamaica Me Bronze and got this ADORABLE chevron poncho cardigan.  Tyler said it looked like a horse blanket, but I liked it! ha!
We watched some DVR-ed TV, and then went to Mom’s.  Me and Mikey snuggle extra at mom’s…because he is trying to stay away from the other dogs!
It was drizzly and cold, but the hummingbirds didn’t seme to mind!
Around 3ish, my aunt, uncle, and cousins all arrived!  We had dinner, played the Wii, and watched the game.  I actually lost track and time and accidentally flaked on some plans I had made (I felt TERRIBLE…but thankfully my friend understood!).  That evening, we decided to go bowling which was fun with the kiddos.
Sunday, I did church by myself.  Tyler was with his dad…the family decided to sleep in…and my MIL was out of town.  I went to our contemporary service for a nice change.
After I got finished at church, we went to the pumpkin patch (more on that tomorrow!).
While the adults were busy cutting down a tree, I painted pumpkins with these crazies!
My finished products! (And that pumpkin was a “spooky pumpkin” and it was white to begin with!
When Tyler got back to town, we grabbed some dinner and had an early night.  I needed this low key weekend for sure. Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. cute pumpkins!

  2. You are just the cutest evah!!! And your weekend sounds like total perfection to me!!! No plans??? SIGN ME UP!!!!! *wink*

  3. omg, I love your punkins!

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