Weekend Recap: Fellowship, Football, and Fun

Weekend Recap: Fellowship, Football, and Fun

The next two weekend are full ones…so I made sure to balance this weekend with fun and downtime.  It did this weird rain/drizzle/mist thing all weekend, so any plans we had to be outside were squashed.

Friday evening, Tyler was going to hunt (and I was going to take a bubble bath and drink wine), but with the rain, he just stayed home.  We had dinner and watched a movie (read: I slept on the couch during the movie).

Saturday morning, I went and helped my friend Rachel.  Rachel is a great friend who bought what she THOUGHT was a fixer-upper house.  Well, it’s becoming a money and time pit.  There are more and more problems she is finding…and she is basically gutting the old house.  So our life group went over and worked all day helping her gut a room.  There were FOUR layers on the walls (wood paneling, sheet rock, sheet rock, and more paneling) to pull off the walls, and a drop ceiling that we ripped down.  But after about 6 hours of work…we got it!  It was more fun than I thought….and y’all, demolition is a lot harder than they make it look on HGTV.  And a lot dirtier.

photo 1 (2)


After working at Rachel’s I came home, did some cooking for the week, and did some cleaning.  It was a MOMENTOUS occasion.  Tyler finally finished and installed the step for my tub.  I wanted a step when we moved in, but we forgot to order it.  So he went back like two years later and had the marble guy make the pieces for it…but Tyler had to actually make the step and attach the marble pieces.  It took him like 1.5 years because it just wasn’t priority.  But it’s there now and I love it.

photo 2 (2)

After I rejoiced with my step, we watched football.  Oh my poor Razorbacks.  It was an UGLY game.  For a while we were leading Bama, but we just didn’t make it.

At one point, the game was still going and Hanson started a livestream…so I was double screening it.

photo 3 (3)



Hanson put on a great livestream – lots of music (I LOVE a concert I can watch from my couch!), some fun Q & A, and then they announced the dates for Hanson Day 2015.  Taylor, Kristin and I are SO excited that we can go.  There were some dates in May that we couldn’t do…but the weekend they chose was a good one.  I’m excited to go to our third Hanson Day.

Sunday, we did life group and church. Then the family came over to our house for lunch.  I made my famous cheeseburger sloppy joe sliders and creamy jalapeno dip.   It’s strange…I’ve not been taking as many Sunday naps as before…in fact, I went for a walk, went to Walmart, and did some cleaning instead of napping.  Maybe this means I’m a full-fledged grown-up now?!  Who knows.


Anyway, we had a great weekend.  How was your weekend?  Did your team playing win Saturday?  What’s your go-to meal that you’re “famous” for?


  1. LOVE your bathtub (and step)!! I could definitely do some relaxing there!! And yes…my team put up a pretty good showing Saturday, you could say!! Shutting out Mizzou– GO DAWGS!

    • Yeah…that tub is like my favorite place after a stressful day. Yay Dawgs! At least someone’s team is winning! Maybe one day my beloved Razorbacks will pull out a W.

  2. So glad I stumbled across your blog, I am also an Arkansas girl and a big razorback fan! Such a sad loss this past weekend. 🙁 Also, love your bathtub!


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