Weekend Recap: Food, Road Runner, and Snow!

I got my hair cut (just a trim…no fun pictures to share), and then Tyler wanted to go out to eat with his Uncle.  We went to sushi and ate soooo much!  We haven’t tried very many rolls here in town (we used to eat sushi a lot in Fayeteville, but have only been here a time or two) so we ended up getting 3 different rolls….and then when I was all full, Tyler ordered ANOTHER roll! ha!
Our favorite was this one which came flaming to your table!

Then we headed home where my mom was waiting for us!  She helped me put my kitchen back in order (they replaced our kitchen flooring last week….so we had to move all the furniture back in).
I made breakfast for mom and Ty and then mom and I got ready and headed to Fayetteville.  We had 2 hours before our play and we got soo much done!  We went to Mason’s (they had just gotten their new Yellow Box flip flops in!  I got some new leopard ones!)…went to Kohl’s, had lunch at Zaxby’s (yummmmmy tater chips!), and stopped at Rick’s bakery to pick up some cupcakes for Gram’s birthday!  And we made it 20 minutes early to the musical!  
We saw Bring it On: The Musical.  I was skeptical, but it was really good.  Lots of great dancing and gymnastics.  The singing was ok, but the dancing made up for it!  Good show!
Then we headed all the way to Hot Springs!  (Tyler got impatient and headed down there about an hour before we did).
We had pizza with the family, and crashed.
We celebrated Gram’s birthday!  It was kinda funny because she took her night pills on accident Sunday morning, so she was kinda groggy….but she insisted we go to the Arlington for brunch.  I ate my weight in homemade donuts, omelets, and yummy food.  We came home and opened presents and then Tyler and I went for a little joy ride in Dad’s toy!
Then Tyler and I headed out.  We took the interstate route home (its about 1.5 hours longer…but he picked up a motorcycle in Little Rock).  We stopped and had Subway on the way home.  Once we got home, we snuggled in bed, watched the Grammy’s and slept….and woke up to snow! 
I worked today, but Tyler didn’t (lucky dog!).
GREAT weekend…but I am still feeling full from all the good food!  And tonight we are doing our Valentine’s day…so a nice dinner out to top it all off! 🙂

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