Weekend Recap: Friends and Family Fun

Weekend Recap: Friends and Family Fun

Another fun weekend in the books, y’all.

Friday evening, I went on a friend date with my friend Rachel.  I forgot to take any pictures…but we had a GREAT time.  We shopped (TJ Maxx, holla good deals!), and then went to have Indian food and then Mexican ice cream.  It was a super fun girls night full of great food! I got a lamb kabob thing that was GREAT.  Curried lamb in a sort of sizzling plate almost like fajitas. With naan bread and chutney.  So good.

Saturday morning, I got to sleep in a bit.  Instead of Tyler’s normal early morning alarm, his schedule was a little later since he was working different shifts for a motorcycle rally in town.  So I slept in and when I got up, I had time to do some housework and then play with my hair and makeup.

I got some highlights and a fresh cut last week.  And my stylist showed me how to get some loose waves.

I headed over to mom and dad’s and we went to NWA.  We had lunch at WoodStone Craft Pizza (yum!), hit up RiffRaff for a little shopping, and then saw Once at the Walton Arts Center.  I’ve been wanting to see it for a while, and it was GREAT.  They actually let you come on stage to a working bar before the show.  I wish I could have taken pics – it was so neat to be on the stage and see the performers up close!

We got home around dinner time- so I headed home to walk the dogs and cook supper.  Tyler ended up being late (duty calls!), so I watched a documentary with Pippin while we waited. 🙂

Sunday was the usual- church (worked a CRAZY day in the nursery), lunch with the family, grocery shopping, and a nap. Then Tyler and I did some yard work/walked the dogs, and hung out.

We’re thinking of having a date night tonight after work. Hope the plans work out!

How was your weekend?



  1. I love your hair! It looks GREAT. Glad you liked Once! I didn’t know they did that with the bar–that’s nifty. Did you get a drink? 😉

    I was in rehearsal on Friday and Saturday. Sunday I played in my garden, planted some bulbs, etc.–and then went to sleep early after some TV watchin’. I’ve been feeling kind of sickly.

    • Thanks, love! Yeah Once with the bar on stage was so neat! I just got a water bottle…I was afraid if I drank any wine that early in the afternoon that I would nap through the show! ha!

      Sounds like you had a good weekend! I hope your sickly feeling passes…you have too much going on for that.

  2. Will you post a tutorial video on how to get the loose waves? I have the hardest time figuring that out!!

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