Weekend Recap: Friends and Family

Weekend Recap: Friends and Family

A fun weekend that was really full of friends and family!

Here’s what went down:

Friday evening I had dinner with some girl friends. Our girl Lauren has moved to Dallas, but she was in town so we got together. And these sweet girls pretty much made our dinner an impromptu baby shower with such sweet gifts- which was SO sweet!

On Saturday, we had a WONDERFUL day with the women’s ministry ladies. I love that we have an outdoor women’s ministry- so we get to explore and do fun things together outside. While I love a good Bible study, I also love being active and doing things.

This month’s outing wasn’t quite as active, it was just a lake day at a nearby swimming hole. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and surprisingly, even though it was a holiday weekend, we had the whole area to ourselves for a while.

Once it warmed up, we floated and talked and had a great time. We also did a potluck picnic lunch that was YUMMY.

Saturday evening, mom and I did some more baby prep. Packing the diaper bags and hospital bags. It’s getting real! Eeek!

Sunday, we got up early-ish and headed to Hot Springs. We were beelining it for the Arlington for brunch. I joked that I grew up eating this brunch for every special occasion that it feels like home and mom’s cooking. So true!

I splurged and enjoyed two coconut donuts. They make theirs right there on the brunch buffet and hand dip and top them. And they are just the best donuts ever. And somehow, I ate enough protein to offset the carbs and got ok sugar numbers afterwards! #winning (and I’m over fighting the sideways photo battle. ¬†Here’s happy me eating a donut…sideways)



After brunch we did a little shopping then met up with our family. We took Uncle Neil and the kiddos and we all went bowling (well, Neil and I watched) and then we had dinner together.

It was a great time.

We spent the night in Hot Springs with my NeNe. And y’all….she has a glow in the dark toilet! There’s a motion light hooked up to it so it glows in the middle of the night when you go potty! So funny! ha!

Monday, we did a little more shopping. Dillards was having a huge sale, and my NeNe works at Dillards so she gets even bigger discounts. Score! Then we met up with mom’s bestie Miss Vicki and her husband and daughter, Jen. ¬†They are like second family to me- so it was awesome to get to see them.

When we got home, we ended up in Oklahoma with Tyler’s family for dinner last night. So an all around full weekend!

How was your Labor Day?

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