Weekend Recap: Friends and Fayetteville

I had a FABULOUS weekend with my friends, Taylor and Kristin.  They arrived Friday evening.  I made dinner and cake, and we ate and watched Made in America (a Hanson documentary about the making of their newest album).
We were up after midnight laughing and talking.  It was great.
We woke up Saturday, got ready, and I took them shooting.  Well, in honesty, I jammed the gun after my first shot, so they held the gun for a picture. 🙂
We headed up the hill to Fayetteville where we had a GREAT lunch at Mr. Burger.  Then we shopped around the Dickson Street Bookstore for a while and parked at Common Grounds on the patio for livestream central.  Hanson was doing a stream and we needed wifi and a quiet place to listen.  We ended up on three different devices (watching on an ipad and listening on our phones!).  They announced Hanson Day information and we are PUMPED to go.
After the livestream, we did some shopping on the square.  We had our bags all lined up at Country Outfitters while we were shopping! ha!  Love it.  We all got some cute goodies.
We also stopped by Bliss and got cupcakes for later.  We had dinner at Hog Haus and then came back to my house to watch Live in NY (Hanson’s latest concert DVD) and eat cupcakes and drink wine.
We put a spin on watching the DVD.  We may have made a list and taken a drink of wine each time we saw the stuff on our list.  Too funny.  And we only ended up going through a couple few glasses each. ha!
They left Sunday before lunch, and then I hung out with my family a little bit before doing some Walmart shopping and taking a great nap.  It was a fun weekend.
I’m so thankful that we not only share our love for Hanson, but that we are friends and love spending time together.
How was your weekend?


  1. That is too funny… I’m glad you’ve found some Hanson soulmates!! What a fun weekend!

  2. I miss y’all, can we just go back to girls weekend???

  3. What a fun weekend with your girlfriends!

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