Weekend Recap: Friends and Moms

Weekend Recap: Friends and Moms

This weekend was full and wonderful.


It started out Friday with a little dinner date with Tyler before heading to a life group date night.

The girls gathered for a walk on the trail and then game night.

I need a selfie stick.

We played Apples to Apples and ate snacks.  It was great.  And I won Apples to Apples – which is always gratifying. 🙂

Saturday was all about the moms, so I did whatever they wanted. 🙂  We started out picking strawberries.  It was supposed to rain, but held off long enough to get some fun in. 

I’m so lucky to have a MIL that we love spending time with. She and mom are great friends and it’s so fun to be together with all of us.   

We got some great yummy berries.  So juicy and sweet.

After strawberry picking, we hit up the farmers’ market and had a late breakfast. It was great.

I was going to meet up with Tyler on his lunch break, but the criminals of Fort Smith had other plans…so I ran a couple errands and came home.

I spent the afternoon napping (instead of the housework I needed to do!)…and then we watched a movie when Tyler got home.

It had rained and we opened the windows for a breeze.  It was perfect.

Sunday was interesting.  The tornado sirens went off during church, which was hectic and crazy.  After church, it was POURING- but we went to lunch anyway.  That evening, we got Gram out of the nursing home and all went to dinner.  It was a great time all together.

I’m so thankful for my mom, my Gram, and my MIL – and I’m glad we all got to celebrate this weekend.


How was your weekend?

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