Weekend Recap: Friends, Family, Zumba Toning

So Friday, we had a wonderful houseguest…my friend Kenley!  Kenley was going to a wedding in Tulsa, so she stopped halfway and spent the night with us!  I HATE that I didn’t take any pictures of us…but we had a great time talking, eating, and catching up.  I say it a lot, but it is so true: good friends are really a gift from God.  Kenley is a great friend.  She is always praying for you, always rejoicing with you, and always caring for you.  While we don’t talk all the time, I am so thankful for her and her friendship.
Saturday afternoon, my friend Cece met me at the house and we headed to Hot Springs.
We layed out at the pool and relaxed, then got ready and all had dinner.
The fam and CeCe went to Outback.  Yummy food and good company!  Look at good my Gram is looking!  Her walking, talking, and personality are doing so great!  She has to do more therapy to get stronger, but she is a walking answered prayer!
We went to Hot Springs because today in Arkadelphia (just 30 minutes south of my parent’s house) was Zumba Toning training.  CeCe and I headed out nice and early (and forgot our lunches at mom’s house!  Ooops!) and went to Toning training.
Zumba toning uses 1.5 or 2.5 pound weights to do light weight training. See my fancy toning sticks?  They matched my outfit!
CeCe and I with our ZES Priscilla (in the middle). 
The day was hard.  Doing all that toning work and work on proper form was hard.  Like I might not walk tomorrow hard…but it was fun.  I can’t wait to teach Zumba Toning! Here we are at the end of the day with our licenses!
So I’m home…chilling on the couch…about to take a hot bath for these sore muscles.  Hopefully I can walk tomorrow!
How was your weekend?


  1. I’m glad your Gram is doing well. You are looking great!

  2. Your Gram looks fab… and so do you! I hope the hot bath helps your muscles feel better!

    We hosted a wedding at our house on Saturday, and I’ve been living off Tylenol PM to help me sleep cause my feet ache so bad from all the wedding work! Ha!

  3. that is so great to have a friend like your friend Kenley, what a source of encouragement for sure!

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