Weekend Recap: Full of Friends

My weekend was full of friends.  I loved every minute of it!
Friday, I started with a visit to one of my favorite boutiques.  Over the years, I’ve become casual friends with the owners, and I just love shopping and visiting there!  I got this SUPER cute turquoise dress while I was there!  Look at how adorable Natalie is in it!
We chilled at home Friday night.  I did some laundry and cleaning…and just relaxed.  It was great.
Saturday, I was up early to head to Little Rock to meet my bestie Alden.  We had THE BEST time.  
We shopped, ate lunch, got pedicures, saw Safe Haven (so good!), and got caught up on life.  I love this girl so much.  I was so thankful to spend a whole day with her.
I didn’t leave Little Rock until 8, so I had a late night driving.  I crashed when I got home.
Sunday, we slept in through Life Groups, but had a great sermon at church about the Feeding of the 5000 miracle.  Then we got some lunch, ran some errands, and headed to the gym.  I taught Zumba Toning to my loyal folks.  Love my Zumba crowd!
We enjoyed driving around in this new convertible!  The day was beautiful – in the high 50s and sunny – and Tyler had just bought this Mazda Miata for his inventory…so we took it for a spin!
After the gym, we stopped by Tyler’s cousin Lindsey’s baby shower.  We arrived toward the end of the shower, but got to stick around after and chat with his family.  Look at this ADORABLE cupcake cake! 
Tyler is an only child, so he is really close to his cousins.  This is Jana and Lindsey (and baby Anna Claire!).  He was the only male at the shower, but he loves these girls like sisters…so he wouldn’t let me go without him!
After the shower, we went to our friends JJ and Lauren’s house.  They were grilling some burgers and invited us over.  I took this covert picture to show you Tyler’s HUGE bowl of baked beans.  The beans were a side dish for the burgers and fries…but Tyler gets a GIANT chili-sized bowl of beans!  Look at that navy bowl.  He just dug through their cabinets and found a big bowl and helped himself!  Oh that boy! 
We came home last night and watched Soul Surfer.  We had never seen it but it was a great story!  Very inspirational! 
How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Next time you’re in Little Rock let Kristin and I know! We could finally meet!!

    • For sure! This trip wad totally about my bestie (since we live so far apart…we promised not to tell anyone we were in town so we could have the whole day together! ha!) But I will totally let you know next time! I would love to be in-real-life friends too!

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