Weekend Recap: Fun and Family

Weekend Recap: Fun and Family

This weekend was great. Refreshing, relaxing, and fun.

I took a half day off work Friday to go get a massage (got a certificate for my birthday and it was burning a hole in my pocket).  Then I did some shopping (Hey TJ Maxx hey!).  I met up with Tyler (who is off on Fridays) and we walked the dogs and then headed to town for a movie/dinner date.

We saw Jurassic World, which was great. I am not super familiar with the Jurassic movies…but it was good.

We decided to get burgers afterwards and tried a new-to-us place.  The burgers were good.  Tyler got a big double…and finished every bite. 🙂


After dinner, I had rehearsal.  They walked through the first act…and it was so fun to see what they have been working on during rehearsals when I’m not there.


Saturday morning, I was up early to help the 4-H kids run a break station for the True Grit ride.  It’s a charity bike ride in town that offers 35, 50, 75, and 100 mile rides.  We ran the first break stop.  It was hot, so we had lots of visitors. 🙂  


Saturday afternoon, we rescued our neighbor’s goat.  They are out of town, but a friend of ours is taking care of their house and animals.  And little Shadow got stuck.  So Tyler had to use bolt cutters to take out a section of fence and set him free.  


Sunday, I sang at church (video here– I sing during the offering right before the sermon )

Then we had lunch together and waited for Tyler to come home. Once he got off work, we headed over to Oklahoma to visit Grandpa.  Mom, Nancy and I took a walk to see the horses.


And I may have chased this bunny into the field trying to catch it.  I want a bunny so bad.

We loved visiting and hanging out.  I loved this picture I snuck of Grandpa and Dad visiting in the living room.  They are quite a pair! IMG_2172


So that was my weekend.  Lots of fun and family time. How was your weekend?

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