Weekend Recap: Fun with Friends

Weekend Recap: Fun with Friends

I had a fun weekend, which was good…because now I’m home sick. It started with a terrible sore throat and fever this morning.  I went to the doctor, and I told her about my morning headaches for the last couple of weeks  And she thought they weren’t relatred.  So after a flu test and strep swab, I’m clear for those – so this is just viral and has to run its course.  And she thinks I’m having migraines, so I got blood work and medicine for that.  And she heard a heart murmur, so I have a follow-up in a few weeks.


But before that happened, I had a fun weekend.


My Friday night friend date was with my friend Kacey.  We had sushi, girl talk, and then went shopping.  So fun.


Saturday, Tyler and I walked the dogs when he got home.


Then while he slept, I did Zumba, got a massage, and then Tyler and I spent the night playing games with some friends.

I also got to snuggle month-old baby Saydee!





Sunday, I worked in the nursery with the two year olds. I had 4 fu little boys. Look how fun the room is!


My parents and Ty’s mom came over for the Superbowl.  Look how cute Dad is with Pippin!



Well, thats about it.  Hoping my fever goes away tonight so I can get back to work soon.


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