Weekend Recap: The fun weekend I forgot to take pictures

I had a really great weekend, but for the most part, you are going to have to take my word for it.  I pretty much didn’t get my camera out after Friday evening.  Ooops. Bad blogger. 🙂

Friday after work, I decided to run. I had been having issues getting farther than 1.5 miles (since my 5k, I had only ran 1.5 miles max without needing to stop and walk).  My legs felt tired, my feet hurt, and I just couldn’t do it.

So I went to see the podiatrist, and it turns out I had big foot problems.  I had basically no arch and was over-pronating my feet.  He gave me some inserts.  They aren’t cushy, soft inserts…they are hard plastic to help mold my feet into the right shape.  They worked wonders.  I was able to go 3 miles without stopping.  And I could have gone further, but I was saving myself for my Saturday workout. (PS. My overall pace was more like 12 min/mile…I was doing intervals and took this picture at the end of a 30 second sprint.)

After my run, I headed to Cross My Art.  They had some last-minute openings and I got in to paint.  Tyler came after work and helped/kept me company.  I LOVE our masterpiece.  “Love is being silly together”

Saturday morning, I met Lyndsay (a coworker), and a few other ladies I work with at a kickboxing class.  Another one of our coworkers, Kellie, was starting this class and we wanted to support her. It was a GREAT workout and it was so fun to hang out with all my coworkers.

After the workout, I did my grocery shopping…got ready..and picked up Lauren.  We headed to NWA to see Hair the musical.  It was the weirdest musical I have ever seen! ha!  The cast was talented, it was entertaining…but man, was it odd.  The show is set during the 60s with a group of hippies…and basically you were on a bad drug trip with them. Ha!

We came back and then Tyler and I had a little quality time on a date night at dinner (to Patron..yum!)…and then came home and chilled.

Today, I had THE BEST time working in the nursery at church.  I was in the 2 year old room and I love it.  I got to play trains, read books, sing, dance, and cuddle with some cuties. There is one little boy who was in my room last time.  He is quite difficult.  Well, he wasn’t in my room this week….but during the group singing time he was throwing a bit of a fit…and I got him to calm down and held him.  He put his little head on my shoulder and was so sweet.  I just adored seeing his sweet side.

After church, we had lunch with our friends Tammie and Anthony…I taught Zumba Toning…Tyler’s dad came over to shoot guns…I cooked some grilled chicken and steaks on the grill…we had dinner…and then I did some housework.  A pretty uneventful day.

This weekend was great. Really great.  I just adore all my friends and I’m so thankful that God has provided ways to make great friends. It is such an answered prayer.

How was your weekend?

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