Weekend Recap: Garage Sale and Birthdays

Weekend Recap: Garage Sale and Birthdays

This weekend was capital B BUSY. It was great, but full.

Friday evening was prepping for the garage sale- taking a full load of stuff over to my friend’s house, and then coming back and helping Tyler and his mom work on our deck (which is built, but not stained yet!).

Saturday morning we were up SUPER early for the garage sale. It was super cold, so I was worried no one would come…but we had a good turnout. 5 ladies from my life group (and mom) all had a big sale together. It was worth it to clean everything out.

Saturday afternoon, the family came up from Hot Springs…so they hung out at mom’s while I took a nap. #preggoproblems Saturday evening, they all came over to our house for a birthday party for mom. We played outside, had a “make your own pizza bar” and then AMAZING chocolate cake.

Sunday after church, we totally ambushed mom with a surprise party.  My Nene came up from Hot Springs to surprise mom- and we had a lunch all together. I bought a life size standup of her favorite band, KISS.  She loved that!

We had a mess-up with the cake. I ordered a 1/4 sheet, but got a 1/2 sheet…so we had TONS of cake. It was delish, but there was SO MUCH of it.

Mom celebrated the 29th anniversary of her 21st birthday. 🙂 

Sunday afternoon I went with Tyler (who thankfully had the whole day off- church, lunch, and a whole day together!) to his grandpa’s.  It was decoration day at the cemetery where his grandmother is buried- so we took a wreath out there and then hung out all together all day. It was great.

I felt like I needed an early Monday night after such a busy weekend- so it was great to be home, do some laundry and cook dinner and then crash early.

How was your weekend?


  1. Your weekends are always so busy! I love your mom’s shirt; where is it from? Literally 90% of my t-shirts are Arkansas or OKC Thunder related.. I may have a problem. #proud


    My weekend was pretty chill. On Friday, I sang in a benefit recital for the opera company I’ve started with some colleagues… Saturday, I cantored at the cathedral downtown for the afternoon Mass.. and then I sang another mass the next morning! Nothing super exciting. It’s a welcome relief, tbqh.

    • The most singing! It sounds so fancy- cantoring at a cathedral! Mom’s shirt is from a local store here. But I’ve found some similar ones on Etsy. I also love wearing state stuff- it’s a problem!

      I’m ready for a quiet weekend. Memorial Day is looking pretty quiet for me. Can’t wait!

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