Weekend Recap: Garage Sale Crazies

Weekend Recap: Garage Sale Crazies

This weekend pretty much revolved around setting up, running, and cleaning up from the garage sale.
It was a HUGE success and we had lots of fun.
We took a break from setting up Friday night because my sweet friend Amber came down from Fayetteville for dinner.  We had Mexican and froyo and lots of good conversations.  I LOVED hearing about her mission trip to China and her new job.  *Funny story…her last name is Lee (same as ours).  At the wedding, she was in our house party…and so many people tried to figure out how we were related.  So I call her my sister. 🙂 *
We were up early Saturday morning (4 AM for the love of Pete!) and got all set up for the garage sale.  Because we live in a little tiny rural area, we hauled all our stuff into town to our friend’s house.  She lives in a nice neighborhood that really draws people.  Pair that with PERFECT 85 degree weather and we were PACKED from 6:15 AM to 1 when we closed.  We tripled what we expected to make.
And how cool is this- we were eating lunch (which I paid for with all the quarters from the sale) and discussing what to do with the money.  Save for a vacation, Christmas gifts, pay a house payment?  Tyler said “Just put it toward a house payment.”  (and this point, I hadn’t counted the total money yet).  When I counted, the cash was the EXACT amount we needed for a house payment.  God is good, y’all.
Sunday, we had a FABULOUS worship service and life group session.  We came home and cleaned up from the garage sale fiasco and I made homemade mocha chip ice cream.
Sunday evening, my friend Lauren came over (with pizza! holla!) to craft for Zumba convention.  We made our costumes for the costume party.  You can’t see the finished product yet….but here was the aftermath.  Glitter, feathers, Styrofoam….what will we be? 🙂
This weekend was great.  Such a blessing!  I hope you had a good one!


  1. Yay for garage sales!! We are usually lucky if we make enough to buy lunch afterwards! Ha! I must price things too low!

    Your ice cream looks delish, girl!

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