Weekend Recap: Hanson Day Part 2

The rest of the weekend went like this…
Saturday after bowling, Taylor did his “talk.” He set up a photography studio on stage and actually did portraits of people on stage!  It was SO neat.  And I may or may not have been jumping around like a crazy person trying to get him to pick me! 🙂

Following his talk, they did a “state of the band” presentation.  They discussed that they aren’t touring the US this year (they are touring Australia…..anyone want to go down under?!) They also announced a new website with more interactivity.  So that’s awesome. (excuse the crummy phone pics…but we weren’t supposed to take pictures, so I didn’t want to use my camera/flash. I was being covert. ha!)

After the State of the Band, we lined up outside Cain’s for the concert.  Kristin and I walked to Hey Mambo and picked up a pizza for us to eat (on the ground on the Tulsa sidewalk!) for dinner…and then we went into the show. Post about the concert to come tomorrow!
Following the concert, we got some coffee at Chimera for our second wind.  We went BACK to Cain’s (everything was at Cain’s this weekend) for an after party.  It was fun. Taylor was DJing, and Ike and Zac were on stage at different parts during the night to pump up the crowd.  We just danced and hung out until after 2 am!
Not gonna lie, these boys being DJs was hot!
All three Hansons, playing music without instruments. 🙂 A rare sight. 
I can’t wait to go into detail about the concert tomorrow! 


  1. this is so neat. what an awesome way for them to connect with their fans. i wish more musicians would do this.

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