Weekend Recap: Hanson Day Weekend Part 1

Weekend Recap: Hanson Day Weekend Part 1

I spent a glorious long weekend in Tulsa for Hanson Day.
It was the second year for Kristin, Taylor and I to go…and we had a blast!
We arrived to Tulsa Friday morning to register.  We did a lot of waiting in lines this weekend (there were more scheduled events, so we had to wait to get in)…but it was SO much fun.

We started the weekend with a trip to the Hanson store (where I bought some fun merch), the art gallery (where sadly, all the paintings were sold out. I think next year I may hit the art gallery first)….and then we took a group picture with the band.  There were 10-12 fans in a picture with the band.  I can’t wait to get those back!

After pictures, there were lectures/talks with the guys.  They each shared some of their passions with us.  Up first was Ike sharing some of the interesting music mixes from Underneath.  Underneath was the theme of the weekend, since it happened 10 years ago.

Next up, Zac shared about his wacky digital songs.  He has released several over the years, and he actually wrote and recorded one during his session.

Saturday morning, we competing in the I Heart 2 Bowl Tournament.  Our team was Team Rattail (we wore clip in rattails!) and we placed 8th!

After the tournament…Kristin and I magically completed our Middle of Nowhere CDs with Zac’s autograph.  We were standing close to him at the awards, and I managed to talk him into signing them.  I was SO excited.  I’ve had that CD since 1997….and now all three guys have signed it for me.

The rest of Saturday was super fun (I’ll write about that tomorrow!).  I have been a Hanson fan for 17 years now….and I love them even more now than I did back in 1997. It’s so fun to spend a weekend with friends (both my close friends and those new friends) who have the same love for them. I’m sort of sad I may have to wait until next May for the next Hanson concert (they aren’t touring in the US this year)….but the wait is worth it.  Come back tomorrow for more about Hanson Day weekend (including the concert!)

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