Weekend Recap: Home Again

Weekend Recap: Home Again

Last weekend when I got back from New York was full of family time.

Friday, Tyler took an overtime job, so mom and I hung out at home. As always, she helps me do little projects around the house which is great.

I also did a bunch of grocery shopping since we had no food at home- and we have a gender reveal party this weekend.

Saturday I did some rearranging and cleaning and then mom texted me “Hey, I found some money while cleaning out Gram’s desk. Let’s go out to dinner” So we did!

We had a great steak dinner at Longhorn on Gram. In fact, Tyler ordered the “Flo’s Filet” and we called Gram Flo- so very appropriate. 🙂

We were stuffed but Tyler HAD to try their new dessert, the chocolate stampede. It was HUGE but delish.

Pippin missed his momma, so he spent lots of time on my chest staring me in the face this weekend. Sweet scraggly dog.

So that was the weekend! On to the next!

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