Weekend Recap: Home, BalloonFest, and Running

So last week while I was posting about Blogtober, I was in Las Vegas for work!  It was a fun time and I learned a TON at PubCon (a conference for those who do digital marketing).  I took a few pictures, but my coworker Shane took tons more (with a good camera) so once I get his pictures, I’ll post more about Vegas.  But I can mark that off the 30 Before 30 list! 🙂
We got home Friday evening. I was pretty tired from traveling all day, so we just came home and chilled Friday evening.
Saturday, I subbed two classes at the gym.  Nothing like being gone for a week, overeating and drinking (I’ll admit, I did imbibe at dinner each night…it’s Vegas…give me a break!)…and then jumping back into working out! I was a little sore after two back to back classes…but it felt good to be back at the gym.
After the gym, I found somewhere to get my hair colored.  I am back to brown.  I went a little darker than usual so we could irradicate the highlights.  Any lighter and you would still see some blonde. Back to brown.
After Tyler got off work Saturday, we drove 30 minutes into Oklahoma to BallonFest.  Last year, it was awesome…but this year it was lacking a little.  Only two balloons and we missed the mud races.  Oh well…we enjoyed some fair food, so it was worth it!
There was a dog show…so that top picture is indeed a tightrope walking dog.  Then my wonderful husband wondering why I’m documenting him eating chocolate covered cheesecake.  Bottom left: my roasted ear of corn. YUM.  And the two balloons there.  Two balloons does not a Balloonfest make.
The food was AWESOME.  I had an Indian taco for dinner…and my MIL got fried pumpkin cheesecake. It was delish.
My Sunday Zumba Toning classes are over, so after church and lunch I got to nap.  I’m talking the first Sunday nap in 6 weeks.  It was glorious. Then I went to the park to run.  I signed up for a 5k at church in just 3 weeks…so I pushed myself and did 2 miles at a 12 min/mile pace. 

Our evening was crockpot potato/cauliflower soup and Beetlejuice on ABC Family.  Good evening.

How was your weekend? What is your favorite fair food?  Around here, Indian tacos are my favorite (but I had never had one before moving to the AR/OK border).


  1. Only two balloons?? Weak! You are looking great — I know I say that all the time but you truly are!

  2. It was weak! And thank you! The support means a lot! 🙂

  3. Okay, I LOVE your hair darker! You are such a hottie! *wink*

    And I’m pretty sure I would wrestle someone for a slice of deep fried pumpkin cheesecake! BAHAHA! *doublewink*

    Okay, what the heck is an Indian taco? I’ve never heard of it… but it looks delish!

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