Weekend Recap: HOMECOMING and other fun!

The weekend was basically full of fun, friends, and food (too much food…hello tubby!).
Friday at work, we had a cookout.  This was the spread at lunch.  YUMMY burgers and sides.

Friday after work, I ran some errands and then we headed home to my parents’ house in Hot Springs.
We ate dinner (yummy chicken noodle soup!) and hung out before heading to bed.
We were up bright and early Saturday to drive down to Arkadelphia for OBU Homecoming!
I got to see my Tri Chi sisters at the alumni tea!
This was my sweet Tri Chi family.  Some of these girls I had never met before, but they were too sweet.  I feel so old!  I was the oldest member of our family that was there…so these are all my babies.
Aren’t they beautiful?
My pledge class was 40 girls, but this was the turnout on Saturday!  This was the first year that we didn’t know anyone still in the club, so lots of girls didn’t come back for Homecoming. But I was soooo glad to see these sweet sisters!
We had lunch with some friends, but didn’t take any pics.
It was COLD Saturday…so we only made it through the first quarter of the football game.  But the Tigers are amazing this year (undefeated!) and won their game.
Then we came back to the student center to drink coffee and hang out.  

We got to get to know my BFF’s boyfriend, Mike.  I met him before, but didn’t get to know him.  We LOVED him and can’t wait to hang out again!  (Tyler gave him the “vacation together” seal of approval…so Mike is in good with us! 🙂 haha) Didn’t get any pics of Mike..but here is my beautiful best friend, Alden, and I.

We had dinner with some of Tyler’s pledge brothers and then went to the main event: TIGER TUNES!
Tyler’s club- Kappa Chi- they were policemen.

My ladies of Tri Chi- their theme was Circus!

Sunday, my family got up early and headed downtown for breakfast.  There is a pancake shop that is AMAZING.  They make their own sausage and I swear I could eat my weight in that stuff.  This was ALL our food (for just 5 people!)

We had to leave pretty early so I could get back in time to teach Zumba.
It was a great weekend overall!


  1. You looked totally adorbs in your outfit!

    Did you save me a pancake? 🙂

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