Weekend Recap: Hot Foot 5K and Other Fun

Weekend Recap: Hot Foot 5K and Other Fun

Another great weekend in the books.  Friday evening, I came home and spent some time with Tyler and my FIL.  He is staying with us right now (he just came back from working in Oklahoma…and he is staying with us while he gets everything set.).  I made some dinner and we watched some TV, but the boys were watching shows I wasn’t interested in….so I took my laptop and a Hanson concert DVD into the closet, and did some cleaning. It was great.

Saturday morning, I got up and headed to town for the Hot Foot Run 5k.  It was put on by the firefighteres for a local camp they sponsor.  It was great.  I was attempting to beat my time (without training enough…) so I pushed myself too fast (and it was HOT!  The hottest weather I’ve ever run in!) so I had to walk a bit.  But it was so inspirational.  There were 3 firemen running in full gear!  The first one finished just 3 minutes behind me.

And this awesome man, he did the whole 5k in 107 pound bomb squad gear!  It took him 1 hour and 20 minutes…but he finished strong!  It was great because normally at 5ks, people scatter after they finish….but we all waited around for the firefighters.  The finish line crowd was cheering on other people as they finished and it was so fun.

I came home, took a little nap, and made us a late brunch when we woke up.  I got a surprise in the mail- my print from the Hanson art gallery!  They had a gallery of paintings from Zac and photography from Taylor…and I bought this print.  It is signed and numbered (#4) by Taylor, and it is special because I’m named after my grandma Bertha!  I’m going to frame it and hang it in my kitchen.  My namesake from my favorite band!  Too neat!

Saturday afternoon, I went to the lake and took Mikey.  He was NOT impressed with this Boston who was bugging him.  He may have growled at him several times.  Poor Mikey is not super social.  But he did great with the kids at the lake.  And then we got snowcones, and he did great with all the people around.

Saturday evening I saw The Great Gatsby with Brandy.  It was a GREAT movie.  Beautiful story and gorgeous movie.  After that, I went to the RC track to watch Tyler and stayed there until he finished at 12:30!
Today, we did Sunday school and church (which are always HUGE blessings!).  We are usually the last ones out of church because we linger and visit with friends.  I just love it.  Then we had lunch with some friends, came home and napped….and then BBQed for dinner.  A great day.
I hope you had a great weekend!  I’m looking forward to a great week!


  1. Fun times!

  2. Poor Mikey! 🙁

  3. I love your method to closet cleaning! I may have to try that some time!

    And girl, I can’t even imagine running in this awful heat! It was miserable here in Texas, too! BUT YOU DID IT!!! Great job!

    And bless Mikey, I think he knows his Mama is the social butterfly in the family. But don’t you love him for trying??? *wink* I think he deserves an ice cream! <3 (or at least a puppy-chino from Starbucks)

    • The closet cleaning worked well. I shall have to investigate the puppychino! They had doggie flavors at the sno cone stand…but with his sensitive tummy, I was skeptical.

  4. The hot foot 5K sounds awesome!! I can’t wait to get better at running and do more and more 5K’s! Fun for the whole family!
    You always inspire me, Brittany! I hate I hardly ever get to comment! Blogging suckssss on my dumb phone!

    • Oh girl…you don’t have to wait! I run some and walk some at the 5ks….and I’m about a middle-of-the-pack finisher. They are so fun….get out and do them now…and then when you can run a whole one…you’ll feel so accomplished!

      And yes…I HATE blogging on my phone. I’m thankful I can catch up at lunch at work and stuff.

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