Weekend Recap: HUNGER GAMES! (and other fun!)

This weekend was AWESOME!  SO much fun stuff happened!  It started with a bang Friday morning when I checked the mail and THIS was in my mailbox!  JUST in time for the Hunger Games premier!  I proudly drank from it all day Friday!

After a great day at work, I headed to Tyler’s shop to get ready for my Friday evening fun.  I changed into my Hunger Games shirt!  Then I headed to meet the girls for dinner and the movie!

It says “Shoot, gurl” with Katniss and her bow and arrow.

 I met some friends for dinner.  I met Kacee (a friend), her sister (whom I met a couple times), two of Kacee’s friends, and Kristan (a local blogger who I had only met online).  It was a random group, but we really all had fun chatting and eating.  I mean, when there are chips and queso involved, fun is bound to happen.
We watched the movie.  It was excellent.  My in-depth review will come later, I’m sure.  But as a crazy HG fan, I was super pleased.
Me and Kristan with our cool shirts.  Her’s says “Drop it like its hot” with the parachutes.
Saturday morning, I got up and baked a cake for my director’s birthday.  Chocolate sour cream cake with peanut butter buttercream icing and chocolate ganache.  From scratch, thankyouverymuch.  We are eating it at work today.
 Before I left town Saturday to head to Hot Springs, I checked the mail.  We got our first letter from Newton, our sponosored kiddo in Africa!  It was so great to get some mail from him!  If you want to check out Food for the Hungry, I highly recommend it!  Sponsor a child for yourself!  We call Newton our “son”!
 I left Saturday around noon and headed to Hot Springs.  Mom was out of town, so I hung out with dad and Gram.  We ran a couple errands and then ate dinner at On The Border (again, queso=fun, so this was a fun evening).  We came home and crashed pretty early.
Sunday, we slept in, I made breakfast, and then I got ready and headed to Little Rock.  I was meeting Rachael.  Rach spent the last year traveling the world doing missions.  11 countries in 11 months.  She is back for a short time and is trying to raise funds to go to Cambodia to do full-time missions.  I forgot to take any pictures with her, but we did a little shopping and eating and talking.  I always leave our time together so encouraged and I just love Rachael.
I drove home, got home just in time to go eat dinner with Tyler.  We drove the 68 Mustang to town, ate some Chinese buffet and came home to watch The Lincoln Lawyer.  It was really good.  So….that was my weekend.  Busy, filled with fun, friends, and family.  Wouldn’t want it any other way!
Happy Monday, kids!

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