Weekend Recap: In Bullet Points

Weekend Recap: In Bullet Points

This weekend wasn’t super exciting in terms of recapping it on the blog. Nothing really picture-worthy…nothing too exciting.


However, for the sake of Internet sharing, here was my weekend:

  • I’m now two weeks into A Bowl of Lemons Home Organization Challenge. I didn’t start at the top (I began with my pantry last week and kitchen this week).  I spent Friday night first making a HUGE mess- clearing everything out of my cabinets, wiping them down, purging unused items….it was GREAT.  It took me three hours and about 6 podcasts, but I got that part done. The rest of the weekend was cleaning the cabinet doors, mopping, cleaning the oven…all that’s left for the week is the fridge. This next week is going to cover The Laundry Area.
  • I started watching “Making a Murderer”.  I’m 3.5 episodes in. I am finding I love true crime entertainment.
  • I went to my friend Brandy’s Zumba class.  It’s always fun to be a student and NOT the teacher.
  • Mom and I put together a new hall tree that I ordered. It has MUCH more room for the things we need there. Yay for Amazon furniture purchases.
  • We started Transformed by Rick Warren at church.  I love thinking about the things that God is calling me to- and it’s all about that!
  • I did some food prep. I’m loving being a part of eMeals again. Their paleo plan is really helping me stick to the Whole30 easily.

So that was my weekend. Productive and boring.

What did you do this weekend? Tell me about it!


  1. I started the kitchen cabinet cleaning also – but haven’t gotten a lot of it dealt with, so my kitchen table is still covered. I was looking for a step by step organization plan – so thanks for that link! Also – I had to google what a hall tree was 😉

    • Baby steps on the cleaning. It took me all weekend just about to get it all put back together. And how funny about the hall tree. We’ve always had one…so I didn’t think twice about it. But you’re right…it’s not a normal piece of furniture. 🙂 Good luck on getting the kitchen organized! I hope you like that plan. I’m also following @taylorflanery on Instagram- she posts an area to tackle each day in 15 minutes. While I don’t have time for that daily (who does) it helps to make a note of some forgotten spaces to tackle eventually.

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