Weekend Recap: Independent and Family

Weekend Recap: Independent and Family

My weekend plans changed on Friday.  I was supposed to spend the day in NWA with Tyler, but he and my dad decided it was best to pour the concrete at our house on Saturday (due to rain coming…they didn’t want it to wash away all their dirt work!)….so Friday evening was spent working with them outside.  A little stressful because I don’t really do that sort of thing well.  It doesn’t come naturally to me….so I kept doing things “wrong.”  Oy.
Saturday morning, I escaped the scene so I didn’t mess anything else up!  I went ahead and did all my NWA stuff by myself.  I was THE MOST excited because I got this email from Loft before I left:
Yes…that is 40% off EVERYTHING!  So my first stop was Loft.  I racked up.  I also had some Loft cash, so I got $500 of stuff for $200!  LOVE it!
I also hit up NY&Co and Fresh Market.  I got lunch at Fresh Market and ate it on the patio:  brown rice sushi, fruit, and a diet ginger soda.  I may or may not have had a key lime tart as well. 🙂
After shopping and lunch, I met up with my friend Kayla (and her sweet baby and husband and parents) and we all went to my sweet friend Hannah’s wedding!  It was SUCH a beautiful wedding!  Very heartfelt and emotional! And Hannah looked beautiful!
Hannah’s wedding was literally 5 minutes from Crystal Bridges museum….so I HAD to go to the Norman Rockwell exhibit.  It felt a little funny being there alone, but I’m not one to be really self-conscious…so I went for it.  I couldn’t take pictures in the exhibit, but it was awesome.   They gave you an ipod and headphones, and many of the paintings had a little interview podcast to go along with them.  It took over an hour just to walk around and listen to the stories behind the paintings.  One of my favorite parts was at the end, though.  They had all Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers framed and posted.  It took a few rooms of magazine covers just lining the walls.  It was amazing to see his art en masse like that.
Saturday evening when I got home, Tyler and I went out to eat and came home and crashed.  He was exhausted from working on the concrete for three days, and I was worn out from my day.
Sunday I served in the nursery (funny, funny 2-3 year olds!), we had lunch (and saw SO many friends out to eat!), and then we did Walmart.  We came home and did some light housework, and then mom and my cousins showed up!  We all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, and then we saw Oz, The Great and Powerful.  I REALLY enjoyed the move!
After the movie, Lukie talked us into getting some froyo, so we HAD to get a group picture in the GoodyCam! 🙂
The kids were so tired, in fact, Luke was asking to go to bed! ha!
My weekend was full and wonderful!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Now on to the week!  This week is a bit slow because of Spring Break.  No Bible Study, no Wednesday night Zumba.  So a little more downtime than usual.  Looking forward to it!


  1. I see that you live in fort smith and so do I. I was wondering what church you go to and where you teach Zumba?

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