Weekend Recap: It Started Out Uneventful…

This weekend started out pretty basic.  Date night Friday, lazy day Saturday….

But it turned on Sunday.

Let me recap….

Friday, we had dinner at 21 West End.  I’ve heard folks talk about it being this swanky, fancy place…and it was nice…but the menu was so tiny! Like 7 entrees!  We had a deal coupon for it…and I’m not sure I would go back and pay full price for it.  The food was good, but nothing awesome.  There are many more places downtown I’d rather go.

Saturday, Tyler went to Tulsa for a gun show…and I stayed home.  I did a little cleaning, almost had a fit with my sewing machine (because it wasn’t working right), and I may have taken two naps (don’t judge me). 

We got up Sunday ready to go to church….but got a call from mom about 15 minutes before that she had called an ambulance for Gram.  So we changed clothes and went over there.  Seeing the ambulance in front of their house was tough….and then to see the paramedics working on her made me cry.

She was short of breathe and going in and out of consciousness.  The paramedics thought it was her blood oxygen levels, so they started her on oxygen and took her to the ER.  There, they realized she had some sort of terrible reaction and was COVERED in hives.  They were treating the hives when her blood pressure started to drop.  It dropped scary low (like 64/47) and the doctors gave her a shot of epinephrine to bring it back up.  They weren’t sure what caused the reaction, but she also had elevated blood numbers that were showing a possible clot.  They ruled out a clot in her lungs, and found pneumonia.  But once she was moved to a regular room, her doctor wants to check her legs for clots today.  That doctor said he was going to test EVERYTHING before he sent her home.  So now we wait for tests.  That little lady sure knows how to cause a commotion. 🙂

So after the hospital, we came home, ate dinner, watched Killing Kennedy, and hit the hay.

I ended up missing the 5k at church (bummer) because I was at the hospital…but I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.



  1. Your Saturday sounds WONDERFUL!!! Sorry about your grandma too, will be praying for her and the rest results. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and she can go back to her normal life!

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