Weekend Recap: It’s a Blur

Weekend Recap: It’s a Blur

This weekend went by in a blur.  A fog. I’m not sure where the time went or totally what I did. It’s part of being busy with the show, part not sleeping great, part getting over grief.

What I remember was good, though. 🙂

My parents sent me flowers at the end of last week to celebrate my opening night.  It was very thoughtful.  They are beautiful, and they make my desk at work much happier.

They came to see the show Friday night, which was fun.  They seemed to really enjoy it!

Saturday, I slept in (praises for sleep! Thank you, Ambien!), did some housework and cooking, and then I met Tyler for a date.  We had dinner at Landry’s, where we shared a meal.  I’m so thankful he’s on board to cut back…we don’t feel as stuffed afterward. Then we went to BrickCity to shop around.  And he found a friend.

Saturday night we had a great sold out crowd. I’m loving hanging out with these fun new friends.



Sunday at our matinee, some of my church friends came to see the show. Loved seeing them there!

We had an early night last night trying to recoup some sleep.

This morning, I saw something moving in the grass when the dogs were outside.  When I’ve noticed something moving around before, it’s been a tarantula, a baby bird…so I had no idea what I was walking towards.  And then I saw this: a baby possum!  It hissed at me.  The internet said to leave it be, that it’s mom may be close by…so that’s what I did. 

I hope you had a great weekend!  Have a great Monday!


  1. Hahaha the picture of you in full costume + makeup with your normally-attired parents made me crack up. Like…I KNOW it’s just a costume, but I was still like “dang, one of these is not like the others!!” You fit in visually much better in the shot with your friends from the show. 😉

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