Weekend Recap: Kansas City

Weekend Recap: Kansas City


I took a half day on Friday at work to head out to Kansas City with my friend Brandy.  I was wanting to go to a fabric shop up there, she was wanting to hit up Ikea…and I had a free hotel stay.  So off we went!

We had a great drive, talking, singing, car dancing…and our first stop was Ikea.  She got the desk/table she wanted and we both found some goodies (and split a cinnamon roll! yum!).

After Ikea, we headed into the heart of KC for dinner at Arthur Bryant’s.  It was GREAT BBQ.



I ordered a combo and told the cook to give me what he recommended.  I got burnt ends (brisket) and some pulled pork.  And fries.  And YUMMY homemade lemonade. I didn’t finish it all, but it was GREAT.


We stopped at Academy Sports on the way to the hotel to buy some Kansas City Royals gear…and I also got a clearance KC Chiefs sweatshirt.

We had a great hotel room on the top floor…and got a beautiful sunrise view the next morning.



The hotel had a GREAT breakfast. After breakfast, we went to a Zumba class with Zumba Education Specialist Tony Witt.  Tony leads Zumba trainings, so he’s a pro in the industry. The class was great – he previewed the new music coming out from Zumba (ZIN 56)…and we loved it.

We came back, got ready, and headed up to Hamilton, MO after class.  We drove just over an hour to Hamilton to go to the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It was SUCH a fun stop.  I LOVE this store- their tutorials have taught me how to quilt!  And I got to shop in their 4 store fronts and meet some sweet people.


Their solids shop was in an old JC Penny (Hamilton is Penny’s birthplace!), and had some beautiful modern quilts adorning the walls.



I mean, look at this Moda sampler. I’m in love (and may have to buy this quilt kit soon!


We grabbed lunch next door at J’s Burger Dive.  OMG.  Delish burger, shake, and garlic pepper fries.  Like SO good.



On our way back into KC, we stopped at the KC Royals Stadium (which happens to be next door to the Chiefs stadium!).  IMG_8545.JPG

We got home around 9…and I crashed.  It was a whirlwind trip!

Sunday, we did church, lunch, and then went to Ty’s grandpa’s for my MIL’s birthday.  We were treated to a beautiful Oklahoma sunset at the end of the day.



I love hanging with Tyler’s family.  It’s low key and awesome.  I usually nap in the living room with his cousin Kelsey while everyone shoots outside, we eat dinner, play games, watch movies, and hang out.  It’s great.

And this guy, he’s working so hard in the police training.  It’s stressful (and tough.  This life is HARD. It’s ugly to figure it all out). But I wouldn’t trade it because I wouldn’t want to trade him.



How was your weekend, friends?  I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Those food pictures made me drool.

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