Weekend Recap: Kelsey and Brad’s Wedding

Weekend Recap: Kelsey and Brad’s Wedding

I was sick pretty much all weekend- so it was low key for me. I spent the weekend at home on the couch napping…with one exception- Tyler’s cousin Kelsey’s wedding.

They live nearby, so we spend lots of time with Kelsey and Brad. We’ve known Brad since they started dating- and we love him. We were so excited for him to be a part of the family!

The ceremony was beautiful- with a funny moment when Brad lost his train of thought reciting the vows! ha!

At the reception, they had a little photo booth set up- so we took advantage while we were waiting for food. 

Tyler’s WHOLE family was there- which was fun since we missed the reunion this past year. My mom was there too (she’s known Kelsey and Brad for years since she moved up here) and it was funny because she had never met most of Tyler’s extended family.

My forever wedding date.

The beautiful couple- all married!  

The dance floor was hopping. We got Grandpa out there some- here’s him dancing with Heather, Kelsey’s sister.

And then with Nancy, my MIL.  

And of course, with the bride!

We got in on the action at the last dance of the night, too. 

Sunday, we did make it up to Fayetteville to see Cinderella the Musical with my friend Rachel. But other than that, the weekend was me mostly trying to sleep away this crud I brought back from NYC.

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