Weekend Recap: Labor Day Weekend!

Weekend Recap: Labor Day Weekend!

Ooooh what a wonderful weekend we had!
Here is how it all went down!
Friday: Date night!  We started at Brick City where I got some Christmas gifts….then to Lowe’s and to the Hobby Shop.  But the real fun was going to Movie Lounge!  We LOVE Movie Lounge.  You get to drink a cocktail, eat amazing food….all while watching a movie in a comfy seat!  We split prime rib nachos (YUM!) for an appetizer, and I drank a Mob Wife (my fave cocktail there!), while watching Jobs.  We enjoyed the movie, even if it felt more like a documentary.  It was interesting.  I had a brie and honey grilled cheese on sourdough (again…yum!) with fried pickles….and Tyler had a wagyu beef burger with an egg!  His burger wasn’t as good as he wanted, but my sandwhich was SO good.
Saturday:  We had a great day at home cleaning.  We deep cleaned room by room, from the kitchen all the way back to our bathroom.  It was SO nice to have Tyler helping and to take our time.  We usually clean with a deadline, like “everyone’s coming over at 5…so we have to finish by then!” but this was just cleaning to clean.  So nice.  ha!
Saturday evening, Tyler went to the RC track (where he WON by the way!), and I went to my friend Sheila’s farm house for a girls’ night in.  So great.  We ate snacks, had some drinks, and played at the farm.  Sheila took us on a sunset ride through the hay field.  It was GORGEOUS.  You could see the Arkansas River from their property too!
Then we came back in, and since we are all Zumba instructors, we of course, spent time making up dances.  Fun stuff!
But ICK!  There was this GIANT spider in my garage when I got home!  I sprayed him and swept him out…but he was pretty aggressive and HUGE (like the size of my fist!).

I got up and ran before church.  From my house, its about 1 mile to the fork in the road…so I ran down and walked back.  Nice workout.
Then we did church, came home and grabbed a sandwich, and then went to Ty’s grandpa’s with the family.  An afternoon of talking, napping on the couch, playing games, and then we grilled dinner.  It was great.
Monday: We had a relaxing morning at home continuing to organize and clean…and then we headed to Fayetteville for the afternoon.  We met up with our friend Greg and went to Cabela’s…and then we met up with Kolby and all had sushi for dinner.  Kolby had us ROLLING.  She is so funny. It’s so great to spend time with friends!
What a great long weekend! Hope yours was great too!


  1. Ok, I seriously want to watch a movie and eat at movie lounge now. I’ve been to eat, but never a movie. I was afraid it would be too hard to eat in the dark. You’ve made it should like something we NEED to do!

  2. Misty- it’s dark in there…but not as dark as a regular theater. And there aren’t as many rows, so you are closer to the glow of the screen. You can see your food. And the menu is different in the theater than the restaurant so its more “eat in the dark friendly.” Go! It’s super fun!

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