Weekend Recap: Lake Day and Relaxation

Weekend Recap: Lake Day and Relaxation

Oh what a relaxing (and still productive!) weekend I had!  I wish I had more weekend, but I’m feeling good and ready to tackle this short week (hallelujah for paid vacation days! Yay for freedom!).
I started off my weekend getting a pedicure on Friday.  I had plenty of time, so I stopped by a new place.  It’s always packed, and I usually don’t have time to wait…but I’ve heard they do a great job.  So I waited.  And boy, it was one of the best pedicures I’ve ever had!

When I got home, Tyler and I went to town to split some fajitas at a Mexican place.  We are trying to be healthier and lose some weight before our vacation…but I just can’t give up Mexican food.  So in an attempt to NOT feel stuffed to the brim, we split fajitas, didn’t have queso (gasp! I know!), and stopped at one basket of chips.  It was a success.  Then we hit up the Walmart and spent half of my paycheck.
He had spent all day Friday getting my parent’s boat cleaned up, put in a new battery, and ready for the water.  So Saturday morning, his cousins came over for some lake fun.

The lake is pretty small, so it felt like we were just running in circles pulling the tube.  But it was fun!

We spent some time swimming and playing in the swim area, and then we grilled hot dogs for lunch. Then we came home and took a great three hour nap! 🙂

We just messed around the house Saturday evening and watched a Netflix movie.
Sunday, I was in the actual nursery for 5th Sunday, and I got to rock my sweet friend’s little boy to sleep and then I held him while he napped.  It was so sweet.  We had a productive afternoon. Tyler taught a friend of ours how to use his bow while I cooked and cleaned.  It’s AWESOME to start the week with a clean slate.
Sunday night, my friend Lauren came over (with pizza and cake! woop!) and we made up some dances to enter the #zumbadare contest.  Check out our video on my IG.
So yeah, a great weekend indeed.
Did you have a good weekend? Can you believe tomorrow is July?!


  1. I saw your pics from the lake on IG and was totally jealous. I miss boating!!!!

  2. How is it possible that it is July already? That means I’ve officially been a “Texan” for a month! Sounds like a great weekend and we are going to rent a boat for a few hours with the kids this month – can’t wait!

  3. I want to go out on a boat!!! What a fab weekend!

  4. What a fun weekend!! I want to go on a boat!!

  5. Oh please share where you got your pedicure!! I’m always looking for the best place.

  6. fun weekend! i wish i would have done some cleaning this weekend, but i just got too lazy. after going on vacation for a week, my house is a wreck! hoping to get lots done today after work.

    i need a pedicure so bad! i have a gift card for one but just have not gotten around to using it. pedicures are the best, though!

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