Weekend Recap: The Least Relaxing Spa Appointment EVAH

So we had a pretty low-key weekend.
Friday I did a little after-work shopping at Kohl’s and Hancocks.  I did some sewing that evening as Tyler worked on his RC car.  We are one crazy couple, crafting on a Friday night! ha!  I DID get a quilt topper completed though!  I was pretty excited!  I won’t show it to you until its completed.
Saturday, I laid out a bit in the morning.  It was soooo nice!  I sat (in my pj shorts and a tube top ha!) on my layout chair on the back porch, reading, sipping a smoothie, and watching the sun come up.  I sat out there for a few hours!  Then I headed to town for the worst spa experience ever.
This spa (the one that forgot my appointment and is impossible to get in touch with) had this appointment for a several weeks.  I was supposed to get a massage, facial and pedicure.  Well, they were double booked.  When I got there, there was one lady just going in for a massage, me, and two ladies waiting on hair and nails.  There were only 2 people working at the spa!!  I had to wait about 15 minutes and then got my facial first (it was supposed to be massage first…but not a big deal).  Well during the facial, she never fully closed the door.  I could see people walking by my room the whole time!  And I’m laying in a towel wrap under a sheet!  She used her phone for the music.  She laid it on the pillow by my head (and it was a bit too loud) and it would ding every time she got a message.  At one point, I was letting a mask set and she left the room…and took her phone with her!  So I was laying there in the dark and silence.  Not cool.  After the facial, she didn’t give me a robe or anything.  I had to redress (only to undress again in a lil bit for my massage!)
I waited 30 minutes for the massage.  Massage (as always) was great. Then I got dressed again and waited 15 more minutes for a pedicure.  Well, the pedicure lady was really sweet…but the pedicure was awful.  There was no pedicure chair.  Just a regular chair and bowl of water.  She didn’t even mess with my cuticles!  Just massaged my legs and repainted my toes.  And all that took over 3 hours! 
After that, I met my bestie Alden for some lunch in Greenwood.  Then I did my Walmart shopping and came home.
Saturday evening, we ate dinner and watched Tower Heist.  It was funny.  
Sunday was church and lunch.  We went to Taco Bell after church because we were all wanting to try the Doritos Taco.  It was yummy, but I didn’t like it making my hands so messy.
After that, we went to the RC track to watch Tyler race for a bit.  But his engine in his racing car broke, so he stayed to play around with his other car…but Nancy brought me home.  I took a nap, cooked some dinners for the week, and then did some work around the house.
All in all, a pretty low-key weekend.  I have lots of housework and laundry still to catch up on.  How come that stuff never feels like I’m caught up?  Oh well.  Tis the life, I suppose! 🙂
How was your weekend?


  1. Wow… that spa experience sounds pretty awful. I’m sitting here wondering how in the world are they still open being as unprofessional as they are. that’s crazy! I had a good weekend–I visited the Thea Arts Festival and it was great!

    Mandi @ the Sassy Fit Mom

  2. Wow — worst experience EVER! That is awful! The hubby has been dying to try the Dorito tacos. We may have to indulge this weekend!

    • They actually have no more calories than a regular TB taco! I think the regular taco only had like 200 calories…so not bad! The Taco Supreme would have more bc of the sour cream..but I totally ate it on my food plan. Not the best choice, but not the worst!

  3. Sorry for the bad Spa experience. 🙁 I went to the Listen to Your Mother show at the WAC. My friend was one of the readers. It was great! I laughed and cried. Tyson makes the Doritos shells and my hubs brought home some samples so we had homemade Doritos Tacos.

    • I LOVE going to stuff at WAC! We were just talking about the fact that they should sell the shells! I would like to use them at home! Jealous of your samples!

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