Weekend Recap: Local Adventures

Before I start my weekend recap, here is the photo of me being embarassed, I mean surprised Friday at the Mexican restaurant.  Thanks friends for the singing! πŸ™‚
Ok, now on to the weekend recap…
Saturday I stayed home and cleaned.  On Saturday, I got the whole house (except for our bedroom and bathroom) cleaned.  Like, took everything off the kitchen counters and polished them, clean.  I was ready to get out of the house Saturday evening.  Tyler took me into Oklahoma to The Barn- a little catfish join in an old barn in the middle of nowhere.
We stuffed ourselves silly on fried food.  Really good. (and calories don’t count since it’s my birthday week!)
Then we went to Walmart to rent a movie.  We also walked around and randomly found things we wanted.  Tyler got some colored duct tape (!?) and I got a triple barrel curling iron which provided for some Saturday evening beauty shop time.
We also found these:
They are golden Oreos with birthday cake cream.  They were the only package at our Walmart.  And we thought they were fitting for this week (plus, they are calorie free this week! ha!), and BOY are they good.  Go get yourself some.
Then we had a his and hers movie weekend.  Saturday evening, we watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and after church Sunday we watched The Vow.  Both were pretty good.
We cleaned the bedroom and closet after the movie and then headed to town for our church picnic!
We hadn’t been to the big park in town in years, and they had built this amazing pavilion.  There was a potluck and games.
All the yummy food.  Good thing it’s my birthday week. πŸ™‚
ο»ΏAfter dinner, they picked up all the inflatables that the kids had been playing on and the adults got to play. There was a horseshoe tournament and volleyball tournament. Considering I am as athletic as a penguin, I just watched. But Tyler played volleyball. His team got second place. It was a riveting game. (see the pretty pavilion behind them!)
Tyler is on the right, serving.
Us. Picnicking.
We came home and watched Miss USA while I finished cleaning and vacuuming during the commercials. A good weekend!
Tonight, we are headed to my favorite local spot- Rolando’s- for a birthday dinner since tomorrow is Zumba and my mom will be in town.  I wanted us to celebrate just us. πŸ™‚
Have a happy Monday!


  1. Happy birthday week!

  2. My cousins own the barn! I found those Oreo cookies once, I think God is interfering necause I haven’t foundthem since! And… I love Rolando’s! Can’t wait to dance 80’s style tomorrow night!

    • Brandy- I am so glad there was only that one package! I am “letting myself go” this week, so I might have eaten a whole package of those oreos myself! haha!

  3. Those Oreo cookies are AMAZING! I’ve only had them once and I’m still thinking about them! Ha!

    I may need to know about this barn?? We usually always eat catfish at The Catfish Hole but I love trying new places!

    Happy Birthday Week!

    • Aimee- The Barn is literally an old Barn that they have fixed up in Poccola. If you drive from Fort Smith through Poccola, you can’t miss it. Its on the left as you go toward Rock Island and Poteau. I thought the catfish and chicken were better at The Barn (and the prices too) but the selection isn’t as big as Catfish Hole. Not as much on the buffet or as many desserts. The Barn is fried catfish, chicken, shrimp, and lots of sides (baked potato, fried taters, mac and cheese, okra, etc). Its worth a try for sure to see which you like better!

  4. Very cute! You are looking so great!

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