Weekend Recap: Local Exploration

Weekend Recap: Local Exploration

We had a GREAT weekend.  Friday evening we spent some time relaxing at the lake.  For the most part, we were the only ones at the recreation area…so Mikey got to run free.  He loves being in the water (sorry, no pictures from Friday!).
Saturday, we decided to explore around town a bit.  We started at the Regional Art Museum.  Good news- it was free for the month of July.  Bad news- the 2nd floor gallery was closed.
The first floor featured the work of one artist.  We weren’t totally digging her stuff…so it was a little bit of the let down.
There were some animations on DVD players, so we watched some of them.  They were a little weird.
This was about 1/2 of the gallery.  It’s small, but we didn’t get to see the second floor.  The 2nd floor is opening July 19, so if you want to check it out- go between the 19th and the end of the month so it’s free!
Then we stopped by a car show at a local dealership.  The weather was SO nice and the cars were beautiful!
We did some shopping (Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s) and then went for sushi at Shogun.  Not as good as Kobe, but it was ok.
Saturday evening, Tyler went to the RC track, so I stayed home and worked on a quilt.  I finished the topper!
And I attempted refrigerator pickles.  I’ll get to try them today!
Sunday was low-key with us cleaning and resting at home.
Overall, a pretty great weekend.  It was nice to be home with no plans!  I hope you had a refreshing weekend!


  1. love the quilt, it’s beautiful!

  2. I never understand the art in museums… it’s all WAY over my head! Ha!

    And we love a good car show, too! That is, until I mistake some side pipes on a Shelby Cobra for a stepping stool and stand on them to get a better look & then the owner physically pulls me off and asks me to leave. Geez. Car guys sure can be uptight sometimes! *wink*

    (Please don’t share that story with Tyler; it’ll give him nightmares!) LOL

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