Weekend Recap: Lots of Tyler Time and Puppy Snuggles

Weekend Recap: Lots of Tyler Time and Puppy Snuggles

This weekend was great. Just what I needed, especially after the shake-up last week of finding out I have gestational diabetes (more on that later).

Friday evening, Tyler and I did dinner and hung out at home. He was able to stay up a little later than normal because he took a few hours of overtime Saturday morning so he got to sleep in!

It was awesome to get to spend morningtime with him Saturday morning! We NEVER get to do that.

At some point Friday evening, Pippin and I were snuggling SO sweet. He’s the cuddliest pup.

Saturday, we had a great day. Mom and I just planned to do the farmer’s market and run around. It turned out that we ended up spending SO much time with Tyler as he worked.

We did the farmer’s market where I got a ton of produce. It’s all so fresh and cheap this time of year!

Then we had breakfast, got pedicures (hallelujah!) and headed to Brick City to shop. Tyler was in the neighborhood and came in for a minute to use their air conditioning and refill his water. Love spending time with my man in uniform!

We did a couple more errands and then met Tyler on his lunch break, then went a couple more places.

We ran home to drop off groceries, stopped and saw dad, then met Tyler for dinner in between his job and overtime job.

He was working overtime at the mall, so mom and I went to the mall after dinner to walk around with him (walking is great for my gestational diabetes, but it can be hot out…so the mall was the perfect solution!).

I got home in time to watch the gorgeous sunset!

We’ve been making Pippin sleep in the floor (before, he was on our bed every night) but it’s getting tougher to sleep through the night…so I kicked him out. I didn’t need HIM and ME waking me up all night.

We’ve been experimenting with beds for the dogs in our room to make sure they are comfy, and they decided to have a sleepover together Saturday night. ha!

Sunday was church time (worked in the nursery), then lunch and hanging out. We ended up at mom’s for dinner and some TV time. But not before Pippin snuggled with baby Remi!

How was your weekend, friends?

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