Weekend Recap: Luke’s Birthday and Snakes

Weekend Recap: Luke’s Birthday and Snakes

This weekend was spent celebrating my favorite 6-now-7 year old…my cousin Luke!
My family went to a movie Friday while I was working, and then after the movie, we all met at Chuck E. Cheese for pizza, games, and birthday fun. He loved his Transformers cake..and he also got all of our tickets from playing games…a whopping 820!

We came home that night and watched Ride Along.  It was SO funny.  Tyler loved it.
Saturday morning, we got up and Tyler suggested we do Piyo together.  He wanted to try it.  I think he liked it.

After our workout, we got ready and headed up to Lake Fort Smith with the family (yes, my 3rd weekend in a row there!) for Reptile Mania. The snake handler guy brought out tons of snakes, including venomous ones.  I ended up sitting on the floor because they ran out of seats…and I was pretty much the closest to the action.  I only got spooked a couple of times. I trusted the snake guy.

This is three copperheads of varying sizes.  They were just crawling all over each other.

This was one point when I got spooked.  A big rattlesnake!  It was pretty active, and at one point, I backed up to get a little more space between it and me.

He put the rattlesnake into a tube so everyone could pet it.

After the reptile show, we went to Riverside Park in West Fork to swim.  Tyler and Nancy climbed the rocks and jumped in.

We came back to mom’s and ate supper and went for a walk at dusk.  It was so nice.

Sunday was great: church, lunch, cleaning, cooking, napping, watching our favorite Sunday night TV show (The Last Ship), and resting.
All in all, a great weekend!
How was your weekend?

August Goal update:
1. No fast food- Good!  I did have pizza at Chuck E. Cheese, but that’s not a drive through or anything. 
2. No bingeing. Also good. None this weekend. 
3. No chips and salsa. Good.  
4.Worked out Saturday morning and this morning.  Woop!
5. I’ve had no drinks.  Wanted wine Friday night.  Didn’t have any. 


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!! I’ll need to add Ride Along to my movie list. I’m always looking for a funny movie to watch. Did you do a Piyo DVD? I’m really wanting to try a piyo workout. Would love any suggestions. Thanks!!

  2. Fun fun!! So what’s the exchange rate on Chuck E Cheese tickets these days? What does 820 get ya…one pencil?? 😉 Is Piyo a Pilates/yoga fusion class or something? If so, I go to a class like that at my gym (called Synergy) and I LOVE it! Matt does too!

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