Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Weekend

Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was a little more full than I wanted at first. I wanted to have lots of time to lay around and be lazy. But we filled it up- which turned out to be not so bad!

Saturday, I did sleep in some and then mom and I headed to NWA to do some shopping. We got a heck of a deal at Loft (Memorial Day sales, birthday discounts, and rewards) and got $300 worth of stuff for $100!  We also hit up Fresh Market where I found cookie dough that’s made to be eaten raw! A pregnant girl’s dream!

I almost had an “I’m an Internet Meme” moment. I was wearing this shirt that says “I’m Super Pregnant” and while at Fresh Market I was looking at the pickles (yes, stereotypical) and some teens were laughing at this funny sight and went to take a picture. I ran off FAST. NOT today, teenagers. I will not be a meme today.

Sunday we had church, then I ran home for a quick 30 minute nap. Gotta nap on Sundays! Then mom and I drove to Hot Springs for a birthday dinner with the family. We celebrated my uncle Neil and my birthdays together.  

First birthday celebration down!

Monday I got a massage and then spent the day doing housework and projects. I did manage some doggie snuggles in between!  

I got the hanging organizer set up in the nursery closet. It’s not finished, but it’s up. Let the organizing begin!

And of course, since it’s birthday week, I had to have some of my fave birthday Oreos!  

I also put the pom poms on a lamp shade for the nursery. I saw a lamp sort of like this for a lot of money that I loved. But I wasn’t going to spend $60 on a lamp…so $20 lamp + $3 in trim. Close enough!

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

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