Weekend Recap: Memorial Weekend and Adventure Day!

Weekend Recap: Memorial Weekend and Adventure Day!

Oh I love a good three day weekend!  And boy, did we have a good one! While I could totally have another day off to sleep, the weekend was quite relaxing.
Friday night, we started with a movie and dinner date.  We were going to meet our friends Brooke and Warren for the movie, but they had babysitter confusion and had to just meet us for dinner.  We saw Fast and Furious 6 (it was pretty good!) and then had sushi downtown at Sake.  I had this pretty drink called a Moulin Rouge!

After dinner, we all went to Academy and shopped around.  Tyler also told me he was taking me to St. Louis for my birthday!  Woohoo!  Can’t wait!
Saturday, I got up and did the grocery shopping and cleaning while waiting on Mom to get here.  When she got here, we headed to town and got some lunch downtown at Bravo.  We used to like Bravo, but now that it moved downtown, it is so much nicer!

We did a little shopping around, and then mom got her brows done at the Brow Bar.  Once she was finished with her appointment, we met up with Tyler and Nancy and we all headed to Fayetteville together.
We went to Kobe for sushi and did a little shopping at Kohl’s.  But the main reason we went to NWA was to see War Horse (the play) at the Walton Arts Center.
It was SO good.  Like magical, mesmerizing, good.  I’m so glad we went!

Sunday, I was in the nursery.  I’m usually in with the 2-3s, but they needed a teacher for the 1.5-2s…so mom and I went in there.  There were 5 precious little girls, and mom was SO funny because she was small enough to get in the little treehouse with them.  She was reading them a Bible story in there!

Mom had to leave after lunch, so we came home and napped.  Sunday evening, I had a game night with my life group.  I love Apples to Apples!

Monday was just the best day.  We weren’t 100% sure what we were going to do.  We talked about grilling out, taking a motorcycle ride, going to the lake…but I was awake before Tyler, so I got to spend some time watching Hanson’s Hanson Day restream online! 🙂  Made me happy

Once Tyler got up, we decided to go for a convertible ride (since it was a little warm to be cooped up in the helmets on the motorcycles).  We decided to head north on an old highway and go to a little sandwich shop for lunch.

Well, we took off north, but made a pit-stop at A-Z for some shopping in Alma!  It was so fun!
We were getting hungry, we kept driving to get lunch.  But the sandwich shop was closed.  We had dubbed Monday “Adventure Day”, so we decided to just drive until we found something open.  About 20 minutes north of the sandwich shop in West Fork, we found a Mexican place open.  And boy, was it a gem!  So good!
After lunch, we decided to go drive around Lake Fort Smith.  It was beautiful!
But there wasn’t a great area to explore around (although the pool looked like fun!) so we decided to go over to Devil’s Den.  We stopped at Artist’s Point for some fudge and to watch the hummingbirds.  So pretty,
I was a little skeptical about going to Devil’s Den, but I’m SO glad we did.
We got out and decided to explore. There was a beautiful waterfall area.

You could walk across the waterfall to some of the hiking trails, so we took off across!

We spent a couple hours hiking around.  We would find some nice areas and go down to the water.  It was a little chilly, but it was so nice.

There was a suspension bridge overlooking the water, and the views were breathtaking.

Further down, we kept getting great views.  It was gorgeous out there.

We were getting tired, and without a map, we knew we would just have to backtrack, so we decided to go “one more turn” ahead…and y’all…look at this beauty we saw.  It was amazing.

Once we came back, we hopped back into the car (a little two-seater convertible, mind you) and decided to take a different route home.  It ended up being like 15 miles of dirt/gravel road! ha!  Tyler was loving it!

I was never so glad to see pavement again!  ha!
We stopped in Van Buren for dinner at Zaxby’s, and then came home.  We had defrosted a bunch of meat for a BBQ, so once we got home at 9, we took an hour or so and cooked out then.  I love having a bunch of BBQ meat to eat on all week.  So yummy!
Our “Adventure Day” was wonderful.  I’m so thankful for God’s beautiful country to explore, and a great husband to explore it with! (And now I can cross “go hiking” off my 30 Before 30 list!)


  1. We love that little spot at Devils Den with the waterfall and the suspension bridge. What a fun weekend you had 🙂

  2. So glad you had such a nice weekend off! How fun to just get to hang out and have an adventure day!

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