Weekend Recap! {Memphis/Hanson}

This weekend was pretty epic. 
I was in Memphis for training, and I stayed with my friends and Tri Chi sisters Amber and Lauren.  While I was there, my timing was perfect for the Hanson concert!
Friday afternoon, Amber and I went to Rendezvous for what I think is the best BBQ in Memphis.  I love their dry rub ribs!  So yummy!  Then we went to the mall for some retail therapy and I got some great fall wardrobe goodies.  
We came back to their apartment and got ready and headed to the Delta Fair and Music festival for some yummy fair food and the concert.
This was me, Amber, Alden (who drove down from NE AR) and Lauren
 We all had TOMS on!
 We ate dinner (Philly cheesesteaks, sausages, BBQ nachos, funnel cakes, fried oreos, and ice cream!)  and got seats for the concert.  
The concert was AMAZING.  This made my 4th Hanson concert and it was wonderful.  However, because it was at the fair, they only played for 1.5 hours (when they usually do 2.5-3) and they didn’t sell any merchandise or come back for an encore.  But regardless, it was fab.
They played a bunch of great songs.  And they are usually anti-cameras at their concerts, but because it was at the fair, I got to take in my big camera and get some great pictures.
Here is Taylor…
 Issac (who makes lots of funny faces while playing and singing)
 And my favorite, Zac.  He, sadly, stayed at his drumset the whole time.  He usually comes out to play some piano, or an acoustic song or two, but he didn’t come out until he came to take a bow at the end…so I didn’t get many pictures of him
 Great show, boys!
I left Memphis Saturday morning and met my friend Sarajane and her boyfriend Logan in Little Rock for lunch.  It was great to finally met Logan and catch up with my friend.  When I got back, I met Nancy and Ty for dinner and we came home to watch football and hang out.  (Woo Pig Sooie that the Razorbacks won!)
Today was church, then home for a nap, then cleaning and getting stuff done around the house.  Great weekend!


  1. Great pics! I am sad that I didn’t make it to the show so thanks for sharing!

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