Weekend Recap: The Most Chill Weekend

I have one more cruise recap, but we will get to that tomorrow. Today I want to tell you all about our weekend!

I had the most chill weekend.  It was glorious.

I started out with a run after work Friday. It was BEAUTIFUL outside (low 60s) and sunny. I hadn’t really ran much since the 5k (holidays/vacation took over) but I was able to comfortably do 1.5 miles. I could have gone farther, but I didn’t want to push myself too far too fast.
I love the trail at the local park.  It is wide open and lovely.

After running, I changed into my yoga pants and a sweatshirt and headed to my friend Lauren’s house. She was having a girls night in.  It was great!  She cooked us a great Mexican dinner.  We enjoyed dinner, some wine, and some great conversation.  Then I broke out the bag full of DVDs I brought.  I love this pic of everyone checking out the stack of DVDs.

We settled on “He’s Just Not That Into You” and moved to the living room.  Lauren brought out the nail polish and we painted our toes and fingers!  One of Lauren’s friends was 36 weeks pregnant, so I painted her toes for her!  ha!  Mine were purple with glitter!

Lauren made chocolate chip cookies and her dog, Rigby, was doing all the could to get to the cookies!

It was the PERFECT evening just relaxing with friends (and making new friends!). 

Saturday morning, I did 2.5 hours at the gym.  1.5 hours of Cardio Dance Party with Brandy..and then an hour of Piloxing (pilates/boxing).  It was great!  Then I hit the sauna.  I LOVE to lay with my feet up in the sauna. So relaxing!

After the gym, I helped Tyler at his shop until he closed…and we came home.  We took a nap and then I made some steaks.  We have a freezer full of beef from Tyler’s dad…and the steaks are HUGE.  I cooked a package of two..and they barely fit on the broiling pan!  We, of course, split one steak.  We watched a movie and relaxed at home.

Sunday we had a great service at church!  My Life Group is growing and I just love getting to know such sweet, Jesus-loving ladies.  The sermon was all about how to read the Bible…very practical!
After church, we ate lunch and then Tyler and I hit the park.  It was too beautiful a day not to take advantage!
We walked 1.77 miles around the track, and then played.
I hit the swings. LOVE the swings!

And then we played frisbee and horseshoes.

Tyler played a little basketball with some people while I met and chatted with a nice lady.  The town we actually live in is tiny (and we don’t do much here….we do church and most of our “life” in another town nearby) so it was fun to meet some local folks.  They were super nice.  
We came home and made healthy chicken alfredo (smoked chicken, spaghetti squash, and light alfredo sauce) and are watching a Castle marathon.  Perfection.
I hope you had a great weekend!  


  1. way to get your exercise in girl! I can’t wait to be able to work off this baby weight!

  2. That steak is HUMONGOUS! Can you explain why and HOW you broil them? Is it better than grilling? Does it make a difference in taste?

    Apparently, I have alot of red meat related questions. Ha!

    • I grill them if I can cook them outside. We fired up the grill but couldn’t get it hotter than 200 (and under 200 will only smoke the meat…which is fine but takes a lot longer…like it took some chicken breasts almost an hour and we didn’t want to wait for dinner). I don’t like to cook meat on the indoor grill pan because of the smoke. I broil them on high and the fat on the edges still gets all crunchy and yummy like it would grilled. And the broiler pan allows a bunch of fat to drain off. Plus, my momma always broiled our steaks! ha!

  3. That girls night looks fantastic!

  4. I also like to brown my steaks on both sides With some butter or olive oil, maybe it’s called seer them! Anyway and then let them roast in the oven…On about 375 for 10 minutes or so depending how you like it cooked… I think I saw Tyler Florence do it that way… I used to only grill them.

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