Weekend Recap: Mother’s Day and Baby Furniture

Weekend Recap: Mother’s Day and Baby Furniture

We had a great weekend. I am feeling good (the doctor told me this is my “magic month” where I’ll probably feel great) so we packed a lot in.

Friday after work, I stopped by to see Dad.  I got a blurry pic because he was SO sweet holding my hand and rubbing the top with his thumb. So precious. 

Saturday, me, Tyler, mom, and Nancy went to Tulsa for the day. We stopped for lunch and then started baby shopping.  We found a crib and dresser! We ordered this set and should have it in a few months!

We also went to BuyBuy Baby and found a glider, tried on baby carriers, and looked at diaper bags. After our shopping, we had dessert at Longhorn and split a Chocolate Stampede.

We had a couple hours to kill and Tyler suggested buying and flying kites.  The wind in Oklahoma was indeed sweeping over the plains. It was a great idea and a beautiful day.

Mom and I had never flown kites before!

We bought two kites and only one worked well. 

We got it all the way up to its 100 feet of line!

Turns out I’m pretty good at kite flying.

We went to Hey Mambo for some pizza after the park and then to the BOK Center for Pentatonix! We had separate seats since the moms decided to go after we bought our tickets. But it was fun!

The show was good, but not as magical as their other shows. Before, the venues were smaller and more intimate. And this show had a TON of their original music- and we sort of missed the fabulous covers. But it was still good.

Sunday we did church, brunch with mom, and napped. We didn’t get home Saturday evening until 2 a.m., so we were all SO tired. After an early night last night, we are ready for this week!


How was your weekend? I hope all of you moms (of humans, pets, or anyone who impacts the lives of those around them) had a great Mother’s Day!


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