Weekend Recap: Mothers’ Day

Weekend Recap: Mothers’ Day

Last week had some fun highlights, but I’ll get to those tomorrow.  I want to recap the weekend while it is fresh on my mind.
The weekend started early because on Friday I got to attend the Chick-fil-a Leadercast with some coworkers.  It was refreshing to hear some great speakers and get fired up to lead.

After work, we all traveled to Hot Springs.  I was up early Saturday morning to make breakfast for my favorite moms. 🙂  My MIL Nancy, my momma, Nene, and Gram.  I made them cranberry macadamia monkey bread (recipe coming this week!), smoked gruyere ham egg cups, and cheesecake fruit salad.  It was so yummy!

After breakfast, Tyler and his mom did some running around of their own (pawn shops, RC track) so mom and I split and got pampered.  We got mani/pedi’s.  I LOVE the nail salon at home.  It was so good to see all the workers, and they really took care of momma!

We attempted a bath/massage at the bath house downtown, but it wasn’t awesome.  They were overbooked for the weekend…and mine took so long I never got my massage before we had to elave!  We got a refund for me though.  Fortunately, momma got the full service. So she was happy!
We went by and picked up dinner from my (half) brother’s BBQ food truck.  It was good!

We attempted going to see The Great Gatsby after dinner, but it was sold out.  So we got some froyo and came home and watched Les Mis.
I cleaned out my bedroom and found this AWESOME Hanson book. ha!

For Mothers’ Day, we had a big BBQ.  The crazy cousins wanted to swim.  So I sunned and supervised while Tyler attacked them with a water gun!

We also celebrated my mom’s birthday! (Is that 47 candles + 1 to grow on?)

I was SO thankful to spend the afternoon with my family.
These are all the special moms in my life.  My Aunt Sandy, Nancy, Gram, Mom, and Nene.  Love them all so much.
When we got home, we went for a walk at the park, made a frozen pizza, and unpacked.  A good weekend with wonderful family.  I’m so blessed.
Hope all my momma friends (with kids or doggies) had a GREAT Mothers’ Day!

PS. I’m having some very odd nighttime back pain.  Like Saturday evening, I woke up and thought my back was broken.  I’m going to try the chiropractor today. I would appreciate any prayer or advice for it.  I want to sleep through the night again! Last night, I slept for a couple hours, woke up in terrible pain, and spent an hour icing it, stretching, and then had to sleep in the recliner.  🙁 Hoping to get some relief today.


  1. I have 2 of those books plus more and much more merchandise. Cd’s, vhs, posters, pics and more. If I had the money I’d so mail you some just so you’d get excited 😀

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