Weekend Recap: Musicals and Fun

The weekend was great.  Busy (maybe a hair too busy) but I was still able to get some down time/stuff done at home.
Friday ended at work on a fun note: we filmed part of a “Happy” dance video.  My coworker Shane was a team player, being stuffed into a box with TONS of balloons.

Friday after work, Mom and I went to Fayetteville.  We ate at Chipotle, shopped at the Dickson Street Book Store, and then saw the Wizard of Oz Musical.  It was a great show, but there were some technical difficulties, and the show ended up being an hour over time because of tech delays…so we got home pretty late. 

I was itching through the whole show, and when I got home I saw I had red whelps all over.  I took a benadryl and went to bed.

I woke up feeling much better and got ready to run around with my parents and Gram.  I wore a headband my sweet friend Haley made me!  LOVE it!

We went to the antique show, lunch, and to Charming Charlie’s.  I got some cute stuff and a new Fiesta chop plate. 
After lunch, my parents and Gram went home and I headed down to the square for the fundraiser.  I donated my money through a cupcake tasting! Yum!  Look at these pretties! She even made the butterflies out of chocolate! 

They ended up raising $9600 for Lora…which was GREAT!  
I also ran around our little town, going to one of my favorite stores and getting some cute Spring clothes, hitting up the hardware store, doing some junking at a resale furniture store, and getting a pedicure.  Loved it.
That night, we saw the Addams Family musical here in town.  It was a GREAT show (but surprisingly dirty!  Some cursing and lots of sex jokes.)
We were going to eat before the show at Olive Garden (mom wanted to try the new gluten free pasta and I wanted to try the healthy menu options) but there was a wait so we ended up at Red Lobster.  The food was good, but now ALL I want is Olive Garden. ha!
Sunday after church, we tackled a to do list.  The first point on the list was to nap! ha!  After that, we cleaned, organized, and got the house put back together (a couple weeks of travel makes it crazy!).  Tyler also hung up this bucket/shelf from Ikea we got a while back.  I’m keeping my pot holders in it.

So that was the weekend.  Busy, fun, and a bit of productiveness.
Question for you: did you grow up watching the Addams Family?  We were more into the Muensters…so I hardly knew anything about the Addams Family!
How was your weekend?


  1. I wanted to go to the antique show in FS but no one else was interested. I thought about you seeing the Wizard of Oz which is my favorite. We saw it in England. It was superb. I am not sure I could get my husband to the Addams Family even though I told him about it. Sounds like a great weekend for you. Take care.

  2. Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said it was a busy weekend! It sounds like you had fun, though! As for the Adams Family goes, I wasn’t really into it growing up. I think I watched it a couple times, but I think it creeped me out more than anything. haha!

  3. It was good to see you at Wizard of Oz! I have never been to a play where there were technical difficulties. That was kind of weird! My poor Caroline had trouble staying awake for the end and passed out on the way home. It was a great show though! I couldn’t get over Glinda’s costume. So many sparkles!

    • It was SO good to see you, too! One other show at WAC had difficulties (Anything Goes last year) and it was crazy. I felt so bad for all those sleepy kiddos! I LOVED Glinda’s costume update. I’m glad it wasn’t the traditional pink ballgown. She looked FABULOUS!

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