Weekend Recap: Olympics!!!

I had a pretty laid back weekend.  Let’s recap, shall we?
Friday at work, we had a Fun Friday with caramel apples and cotton candy!  I DID enjoy a caramel apple! 
After work, I did my Friday routine.  To the gym to swim for 30ish minutes, then hot tub, sauna, and a cold shower.  I love it.  It is so nice to do a relaxing workout, then relax in the hot tub and sauna.  Well, the pool was really busy, so I couldn’t swim laps…so I just did some water walking/water weights in the free swim area because all the lanes were full.  It was ok. I DID get the hot tub to myself! I put some music on my iPhone, and chilled.  So relaxing!
On the way home, I picked up some food from Green Papaya (fried rice, noodles, and some chicken and veggies…and egg rolls!) and had myself a nice mixed plate. 
My MIL came over and we ate and watched the Olympic opening ceremony. Tyler was a little late coming home (he had a meeting at the RC track) but we all stayed up and watched the Olympic parade.
Saturday, I got up and hit the Fort Smith Flea Market.  They have it every 2 months.  I got there right when it opened.  I brought my Fiesta collector’s book to make sure I wasn’t overpaying for anything, and that proved to be a great strategy!  Vendors were calling me over saying “Fiesta here!” and then they would give me a discount to sell me their wares!  Good stuff!  I got a vintage gray dessert bowl and a seamist small pitcher.
Then I hit the gym for 1.5 hours of Cardio Dance Party and then I did a little bit on the cross trainer and watched the Olympics.
After the gym, I cahnged into my swim suit and picked up Mikey.  He and I had some quality time at the lake getting some sun.  We were the only ones there.
He was soo funny!  I couldn’t get a picture, but he laid in the water right by me…like he was sunbathing too!
Saturday I just napped and watched the Olympics all afternoon and night.  A good day.
Sunday, I got up and made some monkey bread (while watching the Olympics!)

We had lunch and went to my MILs for a little bit.  Then we came home and I ran to Walmart and to get gas for the lawnmower.
Then I started on a quilt for my best friend Alden.  I cut 108 squares, arranged them, and ironed them.

Now I’m watching the Olympics (surprise, surprise!) and hanging out with Tyler.
A good weekend.
Do you like the Olympics?  I have it all recording on DVR, so I can catch it all at night!  Go Team USA!


  1. I bet Mikey looked so cute sunbathing with you! Haha! He is precious. And that monkey bread looks amazing!

  2. Nothing beats a tiring week than soaking in a hot tub. Time to relax.

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