Weekend Recap: Outdoors and Indoors

This weekend was wonderful and relaxing (which is good because I have three busy weekends coming up!).
Friday after work, I met Tyler at the gym for a workout. I LOVE working out with him. We push each other and have a great time.  
After the workout, we ate back all of our calories went for sushi.  We had a deal for $10 off, and we got a roll for free…so we got a great deal!  
And then we saw Lone Survivor.  It was super good, but really intense. If you have any family in the military, I would skip it.  It was too intense.
Saturday night, I joined our women’s ministry for a hike around the Nature Center.  It was BEAUTIFUL outside. 
We did 2.5 miles around the trails and stopped for a devotional around the frozen lake.  So pretty.
The trails were a little muddy, but really pretty.  
This was our whole group.  Not bad for a January hike!

Saturday after the hike, I did my grocery shopping and cleaned/organized. 

Tyler hung up my GO HOGS sign that I got for Christmas.  

Around 2:30, I laid down on the couch for a nap, which was GREAT.  Saturday evening, I made dinner and was watching TV while Tyler worked on his truck. He realized he was over his head putting on the new grill/bumper guard thing…so he called his cousin’s boyfriend.  They all came over and we all ended up having to help! We didn’t finish until around 1 AM, which made for a long night….but at least the truck looks good! 🙂

Sunday was church, lunch, nap, and back for home groups.  A good day full of Jesus and rest.

How was your weekend?  Did you see any movies this weekend?


  1. Love that Go Hogs sign!! I mean, it would be better if it said Go Dawgs, but still. Cute. 😉 A hike is such a fun women’s ministry thing! Ours are always food-involved, ha. We should get on board…

  2. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend! We haven’t been to the movies lately… just watched several at home! (like Iron Man 3… again!) Ha!

  3. I love your cute pics. Found your blog through Erika….it’s so cute!

  4. I had a fantastic weekend full of all the things I love best – gardening, reading, writing, grilling and spending time with my husband. 70 degrees in Dallas. Perfect.

  5. The weather was great this weekend! Can’t wait for spring!

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